Kap & Me

Love, Ms. Piggy (Learn to Accept Defeat)

After I gave birth to my babyson, I went on a crazy diet & exercise regimen, thinking it was my last pregnancy, having had a girl & a boy. Our little family was complete.

Problem was, I loved to eat (still do -obviously!). So dieting did not come easy for me. I had to resort to taking diet pills, or “bangkok pills” which was the more popular term back then. Taking diet pills made me really really cranky.. and teary.. and sensitive. Actually I really don’t know if it was the pills, or if I had the baby blues a.k.a. the postpartum blues. Or a combination of both. But let me tell you, I was mean, and boy was I nasty. Not the best person to live with.

Because of my sudden change in behavior, Kap forbade me to take the pills. So I hid my stash in my underwear drawer & secretly took it continuously since I was losing weight fast. I did my best to mask my behavior when he was home so he would think I stopped taking the pills. But when he was gone, I went back to my crazy self & the household help stayed away from me as far as possible.

One day, our lavandera found my secret stash as she was sorting out my clothes. She immediately took it & surrendered it to Kap. I’ve never seen Kap THAT mad at me, so I lashed out at everyone, packed my bags & left in a huff.

All the while, I was waiting for Kap to stop me from packing & leaving. Aba ang mama, matigas! Up to the driveway I was waiting for him to stop me. Walang pagpipigil na naganap! :P Even the household helpers looked happy to see me go! So to save my pride, and even though I didn’t know where to go as I’m really poor with directions, plus I can’t check in a hotel because I’m scared to sleep alone thinking of mumu & stuff, I left with a heavy heart.



I just kept going straight through the highway because I didn’t have a clue as to where I was going. I was also waiting for Kap to call me & beg me to come back home. Walang tawag. Ang demonyito pinabayaan talaga ako!

Soon enough, it got dark. And I imagined tikbalang & such as I passed through the dark & almost empty highway with talahib as high as the fences. (Wala pang Walking Dead at hindi pa uso ang zombies noon kaya tikbalang palang ang nasa isip ko.) I decided to turn back home, all the while checking my phone to see if anyone, ANYONE at all called. Wala. Mga shet sila!

I must have gotten home past midnight, I don’t know how. I’m just so thankful I didn’t get lost. Ang mokong, tulog na, humihilik pa! @_@ I climbed into bed & cried myself to sleep.

From then on, whenever Kap & I would have a fight, I forced myself never to pack my bags & leave again. Walang pipigil! Kaloka! :P I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Sometimes, you just have to accept defeat, admit that you were wrong, and apologize. Pride leads to nowhere. Just swallow it & move on. Save yourself the embarrassment & turmoil.

Now, 20 years into our marriage, we still fight. But not as much. Once in a very blue moon. If we do, we hash it out & get it over quickly. No sense in dragging it longer than necessary. Just say your piece & get it over with quickly. Then kiss & make up. After all, that’s the best part of fights, isn’t it? ;)

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