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Love, Ms. Piggy (How Deep is your Love?)

The building was on fire. From the 2nd floor of their apartment -and with only seconds to spare, the septuagenarian husband didn’t know how to get his wife of 50 years -unconscious from the fumes, safely out of the building when there was no dodging the flaming door.

There was a narrow ladder on the side of the building that he had to sidestep to get to, but he had to leave his wife behind in order to get away safely & unscathed.

His only choice for both him & his wife to escape the burning building -and ultimately death, together, was to jump out the window. So, he carried his wife whom he hadn’t even determined to be dead or alive, went to the window, then with eyes closed tightly, jumped. Making sure he landed on his back to cushion her fall. Even if it meant that he would break every bone in his body, or die.

He arrived at the hospital with his wife -presumed to be dead, on top of him. He was still cradling her the way they fell together from the building. Shielding her fall, and not letting go even when he was brought to the hospital in an ambulance.

In the Emergency Room, he still wouldn’t let go of his wife, even though the doctors & nurses tried to pry her away.

You can chillax now. ;P Palabas lang po ito.

Granted, this was from an episode on GREY’s ANATOMY -with a few revisions from my overactive imagination. (Ang dami kong nakukuhang material sa kapapanuod ah!) But it makes me want to ask this question.. DOES THAT KIND OF LOVE REALLY EXIST? That you would sacrifice yourself, give your own even, for the one you love?

Let me visit this old adage. The boat is sinking, and you can only save 1 person. Yourself included. Who would you choose? I choose Kap. <3 Cross my heart & hope to die. Ganun ko sya kamahal. I would rather choose the pain of dying, than the pain of a life without him by my side.


Oh ayan ha Kap, dapat maganda christmas gift ko! :P #ifonlyhereadsmyblog

Anyway, getting back to the story. It had a happy ending. They both survived & lived happily ever after, how much longer that may be. Hay. If only things can always go according to plan in real life. Wouldn’t that be great!


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