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Love, Ms. Piggy (For Better or Worse)

Following my post on Kap, my Hero, last week, I remembered an incident when we were just newly married. :) Please allow me to share it with you..

Having both doctors as parents, we were somewhat well off so I never had to do chores or houseworks. I was spoiled to the max so when I married, you can say I was pretty useless. I didn’t know how to cook, I didn’t know how to operate the washing machine, I didn’t know how to market or grocery shop. As in useless talaga ako.

Actually until now, I’m still pretty useless. I would wake up in the mornings & my life has been arranged. Kap takes care of the marketing, the groceries, the upkeep. Everything, that’s Kap’s area. Me? I just sit pretty & dote on the kids, my one & only duty as his wife.

Anyway going back to my story. So when we first moved to our new house, I had to do #2 (oh come on now, I know you know what THAT is! :P). Shetness -literally, UMAPAW! Of course I was too shy to tell my new husband what was going on inside. I prayed & prayed that it would flush. Talagang ayaw. I didn’t know what else to do besides sleeping in the bathroom with a stinking floor & staying in there forever! So I had to eat shame pie & told my new groom what happened!

With a smile, he left our room. Akala ko naman nandire sa akin! :P When he came back in, he had a rubber pump with him, the one you use for clogged toilets with a wooden handle? That’s the one. Where he got it, I don’t even know. Heck, I didn’t even know we had one, lels.

So he went about doing his duties of unclogging, cleaning, and mopping up. He came out all showered up & told me the problem was fixed.

This guy? My Kap the hero? That’s how I knew he was for keep. ;)) When you have a guy willing to clean the toilet for you? Never let him go! <3



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