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Love, Ms. Piggy (Find a Prince, and Never Let Him Go)

When I was but a young piglet, my nanny would always tease me that I was selosa because my upper lip would always sweat profusely. I was young & didn’t have a care in the world, so NR.

Then, Kap came into my life, and I met the greened-eyed monster & learned the meaning of JEALOUSY. :P I wanted him ALL TO MYSELF, period. Maybe because I never had anyone all to myself before, or I never felt that strongly about anyone before. Or maybe it was just the result of a bad break up of my parents resulting to a broken home. But the green eyed monster kept growing & growing until it became a full-grown beast, I tell you.

I admire Kap’s patience with me, I really do. He does love me unconditionally. <3 You don’t know what he went through with me in his life. Patience is really a virtue in his case.

When we were just starting back in high school, I forbade him to talk to ANY girl. Especially in college. We went to different colleges, you know, so I had trouble keeping track of him. Because of his great love for me, he made his class schedule coincide with mine just so he can pick me up every single day from school. From Taft to Espana. I remember that was the time the jurassic-sized cellphones came out. It cost an arm & a leg but I begged my mom to get me one just so I can keep track of him. I would go crazy whenever he missed his calls.

I would really make a mountain out of a molehill. As in major away if I see him as much as look at a girl. We would get into fights & he would go home with scratches on his arm (yes, I’m very ashamed to admit that) because he would hug me and I would fight him off. I’m really feisty like that. Buti nalang wala pang facebook & instagram that time. Can you just imagine the depth of my craziness if that were the case?

It’s not that he gave me reason not to trust him. Because he was the perfect boyfriend. I was the only apple of his eyes. If he were any other guy, he would have probably dumped me already. But no, what he did was he married me after 8 years that we were together to put my fears to rest.

But the piece of paper that said we belonged to each other didn’t suffice. I was still the jealous girlfriend-turned-wife. When he went to work for a car company a while back, I would hear laughing girls in the background whenever he would call me around lunchtime because they would all eat together. I’d go ballistic every single day that he finally had to quit. And until a couple of years ago, all the phone numbers of female contacts in his cellphone, I changed the last digit to another number just so he wouldn’t be able to get in touch with them.. Yes, I am quite a naughty handful, I admit.

What am I getting at? Yes, I’m still the crazy jealous wife, albeit I’ve toned down considerably with age. But what I’m driving at is this: Find your prince & never let him go. Sure, he may have flaws, he may have faults. But once you find someone so loyal & true that he would go to great lengths for the love of you, then he’s a keeper. Never mind that money is not abundant. Never mind that you don’t live in a palace. Never mind that you don’t have 10 houses strewn across the country or luxury cars with foreign sounding names. If the gem is already right there beside you, you have the world. And besides, you never throw away a Gem. You treasure it. <3


Find a Prince, and never let him go! ;) Btw, this photo belongs to Disney.



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