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Love, Ms. Piggy (Love & Care)

With the recent typhoon Glenda overtaking the nation in its fury, we experienced power loss again in the whole village for FIVE days. Many of our majestic Acacia trees that were more than 3 decades old have helplessly fallen, its roots up in the air blocking both major & minor roads. Our once neat & clean village eerily looked like the jungle in Jumanji. Our mazelike paths looked like obstacle courses which we had to maneuver with care not only because of gigantic fallen trees but also the reportedly 16 fallen Meralco posts with live wires exposed.

We had only our headlights as guide as we steered our cars carefully in the darkness to get gas & supplies the next night when we finally had access to the roads leading outside. Suddenly, our safe haven didn’t seem so safe anymore. Posh village or not, rich or poor, no one is safe from the wrath of the elements.

I’m so blessed to have a man in the house who not only assumed resposibility & took charge of our well being & safety but also exercised love & care for his family. I don’t know what I would have done without him. Once again I realized how much I took for granted his presence because I’m so used to his service & labor of love day in & day out.

Even after a grueling day at work when he would always conk out upon getting home, because of our no electricity state, he would often get up at intervals to check our generator & see if it has enough fuel to run, or if it’s overheating. He would do this every so often, and I know it’s hard to get up when you’re so sleepy. But still, he conscientiously did so because his bratty wife & kids can’t sleep without cool air. Even in a state of calamity, our comfort is still his urmost concern.


In the times that the generator would die because it ran out of gas, or it overheated, he would go out to get the battery-operated fans he had been charging & bring it in for us to use before he gets about his duties. I would estimate a total of 3 hours max a day his sleep entails with all the chores of keeping us cool & comfortable.

Adding salt to the wound, one of our airbeds deflate come midnight, lels. May Cinderella curfew! So when the clock strikes 12, all the air is out & he’s left sleeping on the hard floor. All of us in comfort, then him on the floor. Now that’s what you call sacrificial love! <3

My Kap, he’s an only child. So he was somewhat spoiled & had privileges growing up. He didn’t grow up doing housework & saddled with responsibilities. But once he became a husband, then a dad, all his selfishness flew out the window and our well-being became his priority.

How blessed am I to have a man I know I can always depend on through thick & thin. With him around, I have no worries. I don’t fret. Because I know he wil always ALWAYS find a way for me & the kids. My Kap, my hero! <3

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