Kap & Me

Love, Ms. Piggy (Happy Wife, Happy Life)


Si Kap. Well-trained na yan. He knows never to argue with me coz I’m always right. That is, if he wants to keep the peace in our home. :P

Growing up in a woman-dominated fambam, I always had my maternal lola & mom redefining the role of a woman in the home. My lolo passed away early during the Japanese occupation so my mom grew up with a female for a leader. I also had an absentee dad so my role models have always been my lola who lived with us, and my mom.

When Kap & I got married, he really had a tough time reigning me in. Our religion promotes the principle of us wives submitting to our husbands. Not in most things but in ALL things. So Kap thought he was really the King in the house. Of course all the while I thought I was the Queen.. who ruled the kingdom including the King himself haha.

Whenever I would go against his wishes, kinabukasan may pastor na sa bahay. Pinagpe-pray over nila ako! I kid you not. It would also be the most favorite topic in our Bible study group. Syempre, labas lang sa kabilang tenga ang sermon.

Add to that, my personality is really strong. Growing up in a predominantly female environment with a parent who was a successful career woman, earned money on her own & did not rely on a man, I grew up being independent-minded. I didn’t need or want permission from anyone, least of all my husband especially when it comes to spending my own money.

But then again, time has tamed me. Sure, there are still loopholes. And there are times that I manipulate Kap into thinking it was his idea in the first place, lels. But I have grown to learn that although a happy wife makes for a happy wife, A happy man also makes for a happy fam.

I have learned to consult him to promote peace in the family. And I have noticed that whenever I give Kap the due respect, he does his best to agree to make me happy. So win-win.

But in the times that Kap is being difficult, I just remind him of 2 things. 2 lang talaga.. 1) The wife is ALWAYS right. 2) When you feel she is wrong, SLAP YOURSELF & read rule #1.

Yun lang yon! ;)




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