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Love Me Like You Do, A Fairy Tale Wedding

Luh luh love me like you do, luh luh love me like you doooo. It’s been several weeks & still, LSS parin ako with this Ellie Goulding song from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack!

Kap & I attended a wedding reception & this was the looping MTV that was showing while we waited for the lovely Bride & dashing Groom to enter the Sofitel Ballroom. For an hour. And when they finally did, the couple danced to this song. So I’d catch myself humming this tune now & then. Hindi talaga maalis! May royalty na dapat si Ellie (FC) every time this song comes to mind! ;))


The beautiful wedding was held at the Manila Cathedral-Basilica with Rev. Fr. Julius Frondosa as the Officiating Priest.

The groom is a very distant relative so we were pleasantly surprised to receive an invite. I love attending weddings & seeing couples so in love.


My hair looked great the first 5 minutes after I took off my rollers. On the sixth, right on the dot. It went limp. Oh well, so much for dolling up. :P Kap doesn’t like heavy makeup so I just did my normal everyday face. Ka-insecure lang beside the lovely guests in long, glittery gowns, fully-made up faces & candy cotton hair straight from the parlor! Anyway, thank you girls for my lovely skirt that matched my top perfectly. I got away with not buying a new formal outfit yay! <3


PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2

Kap with the father of the groom & other son Ethan. And the mother of the groom with Jerry Tiu & wife Lianne.



I loved the floral arch. Feel ko talaga so I asked Kap for a we-fie! He has to be the one to take it from his side para mas maliit kunwari ang mukha ko! ;)) Yes, I had to clip my hair na because it went all limp & stray in the car on our way! :'(



The invitation was so lovely. I couldn’t bear to part with it. Kap asked, hindi mo itatapon eh among gagawin mo jan? IDK really. Nanghinayang lang ako coz it’s so pretty! <3


PicMonkey Collage5

The dance.. Love me like you do luh luh love me like you do. #LSSagain By the time you finish reading this entry bet ko LSS na rin kayo! ;))



The Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra serenaded us as we dined in style. Weddings are so romantic! <3


PicMonkey Collage3

And the food started coming one by one. Kap was extra happy because it was chinese lauriat. :)



Assorted Barbecued Meats.


PicMonkey Collage4

Kap is really a gentleman. Throughout our years together -even before we were married, he has always taken care of me & my needs. Never yan pumaltos, every time we’d eat out he would always put food on my plate & see to it that I have enough to keep me from being hungry. In events, on our dates, and especially during lauriats, he’d make sure to give me some, turn the table so the other guests can get before forking some over for himself. He is my perfect escort. <3 I was looking around our table & each husband wasn’t as attentive as mine (KKK sila – kanya kanyang kuha) & they’d been married for far shorter period. I was extremely proud & appreciative of mine, I’ll tell you that.



Fish Lip Soup.



The scallops were so fresh & tasty I couldn’t help but moan with every bite. Kap kept shushing me haha.



Suckling Duck 2 ways.



Steamed Lapu Lapu. Also so fresh!



And garlic crab. <3



My happy glow is back! :P I think depends talaga sa food & resto, trololol! Kawawang Kap.



Sweet & Sour Jumbo Prawns.



Mixed Fried Rice.



Trio of dessert.

While we were eating, the program was going on simultaneously. Receptions now are much faster than back in our day na ang haba sobra ng seremonyas. The program ended as we finished our delicious dinner.




Kap is always willing to do what I ask of him. <3




Cheers to the new Bride & Groom. May your love last & may God be in the center of your life together as Husband & Wife.



I can’t remember how many times I shed tears. Kap kept handing me his hanky. Basang-basa na! ;))



You might notice that my shoes here is different from what I wore going. Paano, sa kaartehan ko, pinulikat ako sa taas ng takong ko. Kap went to the restroom for a while & when he came back he was carrying another pair. Nilagay nya pala sa kotse yung hinubad kong sapatos & he got the more sensible pair that he brought for me just in case. Coz he knows me so well. And just like that, I fell more in love with him & I wanted to marry him all over again! <3 Ang swerte ko naman talaga kay Kap my Kap!



I borrowed Ate’s gold shoes because I don’t have formal shoes. Kaso hindi kinaya ng powers ko! :P

Dear Derrick & Ariane,

May your love grow even stronger in the years to come. May the looks & glances you give each other now be as intense & as loving as the one you’ll give each other several years from now in spite of the belly bulge, the thinning hair, the cropping of wrinkles. May you always call each other with terms of endearment, hold each other’s hand for no apparent reason, and whisper sweet nothing in each other’s ears just because.

Derrick, may you serve your wife food when you’re out having dinner -on your own or even with friends or strangers, seeing to her every need not because you have to, but because you want to. May you love & cherish her even after the pounds have piled on, and the stretch marks can easily draw out a map for you. May you be thoughtful enough to anticipate her needs & bring her extra clothes or shoes for when the importunity arises.

May you drop her by the entrance & park on your own when the weather is bad, or when her heels may not permit her long walks. Carry her bag when it’s too heavy and share in her burdens not just emotionally but also physically & mentally.

Love her like you do, luh luh love her like you do. Not just now, but always & forever. :)

From a very happy & contented wife. <3

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