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Love, Ms. Piggy (Down Memory Lane)

It has been Kap’s tradition to take the kids out to a meal after taking their entrance tests. He took Ate to 4 dates after she finished taking her tests in UP, ADMU, DLSU, and UST. Now, it’s my babyson’s turn. He already finished taking the first 3, and a couple of weeks ago, he took his last exam.

This time, saling pusa ako in their usual 1-on-1 bonding because Kap & I went to a previous event. Since we were already in Manila, naturally, Chinatown was the best choice. My babyson was craving for swahe so Kap treated us to President’s in Binondo.

We passed by our deal Alma Mater on the way. I don’t have much photos of us where we met & where our love story started. So I made sure we were able to get a shot outside for posterity. Yan ang gusto ko kay Kap & the kids. They are really GAME (all caps pa) when it comes to all my idea & requests. Sometimes, they initiate it pa. The GOppets are really MFEO! <3


Hey what’s up hello… ;)

Gosh. Has it been 28 years already? So many fond memories with my Kap in the 4 corners of this building. *insert starry eyes here Because of him, for the first time in my life, I LIKED GOING TO SCHOOL hahaha!

HCHS is a testament to our love. 1986, where our love story began. Kap & I met in high school. And the rest, as they say, is our happy history. To read our LOVE STORY, CLICK HERE.

Kids. HCHS. Where I met your father! ;)

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