Lolo Dad’s!

Yesterday ,we celebrated our 25th anniversary! 8 years as boyfriend/girlfriend plus 17 years of happy marriage. How time flies!! I guess it’s true that time goes by so fast when you’re enjoying immensely. My life certainly has more color, fun & spice ever since my Hunny & the kids came into my life. <3 <3 <3

My family LOVES to eat! And by eat, I mean buffet all the way when we eat out!! :) But for our anniversary, my Honey took me to Lolo Dad’s in Malate which is fine dining.. meaning small food for a big price!

Cute story of how the restaurant got it’s name..

Knowing how my husband is soooo makunat, I appreciated the romantic gesture & effort he put into in (in lieu of my flowers, *sigh* !!). Candlelight dinner, how romantic! What a pleasant surprise from my honeypie who is so not the romantic type! ;P

This is what we ate! :)
(So sad how bad the quality of my pics turned out.. Ate wasn’t with us kasi to take better pictures..)

Bread of course, for starters..
We ate a lot of these to compensate for the small servings of our entrees haha!! ;P
We shared a wonderful Gourmet salad of Lobster
(Artichoke, Feta cheese and Kalamata olives in Sundried Tomato vinaigrette)..
So cute! After our salad, we were served this teeny tiny scoop of
Raspberry sorbet to “cleanse our palate” ! :))
It was served with dry ice so it was smoking!
We’re sooo not used to fine dining, haha!! ;P

Whole boneless Brill with grilled vegetables & potatoes..
what an art work! :)
Beef & Chicken Kebab w/cinnamon-garlic flavored rice & fresh fruit relish..

I was forbidden by my Honey to eat dessert because of my high blood sugar, so I had to do without sweets! :(

Surprisingly, after sharing our food & occasionally feeding each other (romantic effect, hehe), we were full! Or maybe it was the bread, haha!! ;P

Happy anniversary to the Love of my Life.. the person I cannot live without!!! :-* Thank you for another fond memory!

25 happy years & counting! :)
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