Lola ng Bayan

Went to back-to-back wakes last friday night. One was the mother of Kap’s friend, and the other was the father of another friend. Both octogenarians -they have lived long fruitful lives. Which is the way it should be.

I was particularly touched by the message of several grandchildren at the 1st wake we attended. I didn’t know tita Cherry personally, but the tribute given by her grandchildren says a lot about the kind of gramma she was to her grandkids.

You can always tell how loved a person is when the funeral is well-attended. Tita Cherry’s 2 adjoining rooms were filled to the brim. Her flowers extended to the hallways & beyond. She must have been a really grand lady.

They reminisced about yearly family trips to baguio, how their lola taught them to play blackjack -that it wasn’t really gambling but merely counting numbers. ;) Or how the lola, at 80, would join them for drinks in bars and claim she was only 25 years old. I cried at the part where they said lola was the glue that kept them together with family dinners and trips that made each cousin so close & dear to one another.

The adjoining rooms they occupied were filled with beautiful flower arrangements from friends who sent their sympathies. You could tell that this family was well-loved. And so was the dearly departed.

The mood though somber, was festive at the same time -It’s the best way I can describe it. You will really feel the love the family has for one another, and for the matriarch who has passed on. The solidarity of each member of the family is admirable. They were one as they laughed at the funny anecdotes, and shed tears while they reminisced about their happy days.

This. This is the kind of grandmother I want to be. I want to be the glue. I want to be one person they can always go to. I want to be the cool lola, someone they can always talk to without fear or judgement.

I want to live to be 80, and see my grandkids grow up & be good and accomplished citizens. I want my grandkids to shed real & heartfelt tears when I pass on. I want them to miss me like crazy. Then, and only then will I know that I have done my job. And I can finally look down from heaven with a huge smile. <3

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