Lola Me!

Hold your horses, nothing is definite yet haha. And for sure if I’m gonna be a lola this early it’s not gonna be courtesy of my 3 kids zOMG! :P #kaloka

Nagdalaga na si baby Jela. Her dad has been nagging me to have her -for lack of a better term, copulated. And she’s barely 2 years old! @_@ Nakakainis. I held out for the longest time but it’s 4 of them against 1 of me! So wala na akong nagawa, I’ve been out-voted even though CLEARLY Jela is MY dog! :(

My poor, poor Lelly. She thought she was just going for a ride. Ibang “ride” pala ang mangyayari hahaha.

They always do that to my pets. They like having puppies around. They like have a full house, much to the dismay of our kasambahay! ;P As much as possible I don’t want my dogs to get pregnant kasi naaawa ako. I’ve seen 3 of my past loves deliver & I really felt bad for them.

When I get a pet, I really get emotionally involved & parang one of my babies na rin. When they get sick it’s easily just as if one of my 3 kids were sick & I panic on the same level and intensity. As in major worry. What more giving birth, I’ll DIE!!! </3

Kap has 2 friends in the village who have bullies, so we went to the most guwapo’s home first. Si  BOWSER, bachelor number 1. He’s really macho & round-faced with plenty of lovely wrinkles. But a bit old. Mala-D.O.M ang dating. And he’s a standard-sized bully (big) unilke Jela who is a compact sized-bully (small). Unfortunately, hindi nya type yung dalaga namin. #snob

Ayaw talaga sa kanya ni lolo! ;))

So we went to bachelor number 2’s home. BRUNO & my Jela clicked right away coz they’re more of the same age & temperament. Playful, coz they’re young pa. They got along fine with their “play date” and the other one that followed shortly after. Karengkeng na aso! ;))

Bruno wouldn’t stop sniffing my baby Jela! @_@

And finally, “coupling”, hmp. Poor Jela, she doesn’t even know what hit her. It was the “first time” for both, so we had to get the service of a shooter to help them along. zOMG! ;P

Pero mahaba ang hair ni Jela! ;) Mowdel ang boyfie nya haha!!

And now, the wait. I’ve been praying that nothing will happen. I hope God listens to my prayer. I’m not yet ready to be a lola. And my baby Jela is still that.. a baby! Maybe I’ll be more acepting in 2-3 years time but not yet now she’ll be so kawawa.

And hindi pa sila kasal noh! Marriage first before a baby carriage. Hmmmnnnn.. gotta start planning for a doggie wedding. Now won’t THAT be cute! ;)

This photo, and the one above, DO NOT belong to me. If you are the rightful owner of these photos please email me & I will give you the necessary credit, thank you.

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