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Lobster & Seafood Shack at Circles, Makati Shangri-La Manila

Even with new hotels popping up left & right, Makati Shangri-La Manila will always hold a special place in our hearts. The kids grew up & celebrated most of their special occasions at Circles Event Cafe long before other hotel buffet places became popular.

The GOppets will always choose quality buffets over ala carte in a heartbeat. First of all, there is no waiting time. Everything is there ripe for the picking, lol. ;)) With the heavy traffic in all corners of Manila, all you want to do is grab a plate & eat in peace as soon as you get to your dining destination. And most importantly, we are 100% satisfied with the variety of spreads from start (salads & appetizers) to finish (coffee & dessert). Busog-lusog na, sulit pa sa bulsa. Definitely Kap-approved! \m/

Also, the kids are so choosy & such picky eaters now that they have special restrictions in their diet. While the 2 girls go for seafood & veggies, my boys are the meaty type & prefer carnivorous meals & carbs. I am somewhat in between, so buffets are really win-win situation for the fambam. :)

One night, Kap & I found ourselves alone in the house, empty-nesting -as is usual now that the kids are all grown up with different curricular & extra curricular activities to keep them on their toes, boo! What better day to ditch our cook & go off on a date at..

Circles Event Cafe, Makati Shangri-La Manila

Lobby Level Makati Shangri-La, Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati (02) 813-8888

The secret to a happy marriage is falling in love many times. And always with the same person. ;) So make & take time to have happy little dates with your spouse. Don’t be too busy that you neglect each other. After all, you cannot just sit back & hope for a happy & lasting marriage. You have to create one & constantly take care of it. Para ding halaman, TLC is needed. To the skeptics, meron din namang forever, but you have to take an active & conscious part in order to love.. and live, happily ever after. <3


Gotta keep the love life hot & burning with date nights! ;) Kap & I like to go for comfy, but it’s also nice to dress up, albeit casually, once in a while. Making an effort to look nice for each other is part of the charm of falling in love with your special someone every single day. <3 Dates at Circles Makati Shangri-La Manila are always met with delight!


Advice from the ocean: Let your cares drift away, SEAS every opportunity, adapt to changing tides, surf life’s rough waves, harbor strength & persevere, don’t be SHELLFISH, and bet on a SHORE thing.. LOVE. ;) Corny, but true!


1. Great for your heart.  It’s no coincidence that the seafood-eating Inuit populations in the Arctic have low levels of heart disease; seafood is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 which can both protect the heart from disease and lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood. One study has even suggested that an extra portion of these every week can cut risk of heart disease in half.


2. Clearing the vessels.  Eating seafood can improve your circulation and reduce the risk of thrombosis. The EPA and DHA (omega-3 oils) in seafood can save your body from having to produce eicosanoids, a hormone-like substance which can make you more likely to suffer from blood clots and inflammation.


3. Joint benefits.  Eating seafood as a regular part of a balanced diet has been shown to ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, a condition which causes the joins to swell up. Recent research has also found a link between omega-3 fats and osteoarthritis, suggesting that eating more seafood could help to prevent the disease.


4. The eyes have it.  Eating oil-rich seafood regularly can help to keep the eyes bright and healthy. A recent study has suggested that omega-3 fatty acids can help to protect the eyesight of those suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a condition which causes the retina to degenerate and the eyesight to become blurred. Fish and shellfish also contain retinol, a form of vitamin A which boosts night vision.


5. Essential nutrients.  Seafood provides the body with many essential nutrients which keep us running smoothly, including iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium. Iodine is important for the thyroid gland, and selenium makes enzymes which can help to protect us from cancer. Fish and shellfish are also excellent sources of many vitamins, including vitamins A and D.


6. Take a deep breath.  A number of studies have indicated that seafood may help to protect our lungs. Not only can these relieve the symptoms of asthma in children, but a regular seafood diet has shown signs of preventing it. Eating a lot of fish & shellfish can also keep your lungs stronger and healthier as you age in comparison to those who don’t eat a lot of fish.


7. Brighten your outlook. Seafood may also play a large part in preventing depression; research has highlighted links between low omega-3 levels and a higher risk of depression. Seafood could also help us to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and post-natal depression.


8. Your skin looks great. Not only does omega-3 help to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the UV damage, but eating lots of seafood can also help with the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Fish & shellfish are great sources of protein, which is an essential ingredient of collagen, a substance which keeps the skin firm and flexible.


9. Good for down below.  Evidence suggests that a diet rich in fish oils can help to protect us against serious inflammatory bowel diseases (BD) including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. There is also evidence to suggest that omega-3 could help to slow the progression of inflammatory bowel disease in some sufferers.


10. Boost your brainpower.  The human brain is almost 60% fat, with much of this being omega-3 fat. Probably for this reason, research has indicated that people who eat plenty of seafood are less likely to suffer dementia and memory problems in later life. DHA, an omega-3 fat found in seafood, has also been linked to improvements in children’s concentration, reading skills, behaviour, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


And there you have it! Seafood 101 from aling Jane the tindera sa sapa!. ;))

What we had:


Lobster bisque. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make this. And Clam Chowder soup. My 2 favorite kinds. So happy I got to indulge in one at Circles Makati Shangri-La Manila. Lobsters are expensive so this is truly a treat.


I have always gone straight for the sushi & sashimi station as a first course with every buffet I visit. Most of the time I strike lucky. THIS fo’shore does not disappoint! See the scallop sashimi on the lower left? Yum!


Ever since I can remember, Kap always preferred to sit across from me on every date. (On family outings we always sit close beside each other). He says it’s so he can look into my eyes as we speak. Syempre, kinilig naman ako! Ayan, nagbu-byutiful eyes na naman sya sa akin at nalulusaw ako ng slight sa mga titig nya.. para tuloy gusto kong nang — UMUWI???


This platter of oysters freshly shucked sure doesn’t help the situation, lol. Do you know that oysters are natural aphrodisiacs??? #pataykangbataka


The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive. So go for the gold.. unlimited SCALLOPS at the Circles Makati Shangri-La Manila buffet! \m/ Cooked your preferred way. Kap & I opted for garlic & butter.. hmmnnnn, does not dwell well for our after-date plans hehe.

The weekend-only Lobster & Seafood nights at Circles Makati Shangri-La Manila do not mean that meats are out of the equation! Just look at this handsome piece of meat (definitely the steak, not the carver – I only have eyes for Kap), what a hunk! What a beaut! <3


Because back home, an assortment & a wide variety of seafood like this offering at Circles Makati Shangri-La Manila is as rare as the steak in the photo, Kap & I opted to just have a little of everything in the seafood department instead -leaving no more space in our tummies for this pink beauty. Sa uulitin na lang! ;)


I’d been eyeing that yorkshire pudding since I made the rounds though. Sigh.


I only have 2 favorite dessert stations when it comes to hotel buffets, and Circles Makati Shangri-La Manila has a tight hold on a piece of my heart in that department. LOVE. THEIR. DESSERT. SPREAD. !!!


Ube ice cream.. you know what goes well with that?


Why halo-halo of course. Simply could not resist!


For an additional 125 php, go unli with your drinks.

Get hooked on lobsters, crabs, prawns, clams, mussels, oysters, scallops and various whole fish, all cooked to your preference, at this limited-time-only sumptuous feast. The buffet is priced at PHP 2,600 net and available for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays, and lunch on Sundays until October 30, 2016.

For reservations, email or call (63 2) 814 2580.


A special shout-out to EILEEN! <3 It was most certainly MY pleasure meeting you. Thank you so much for the warm hug & unconditional love for the GOppets! And belated happy birthday to your niece. She is indeed so very blessed to have you in her life! :-*


I hope we get to have a longer chika next time, Eileen! :-*

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