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When the bossman SPANKY ENRIQUEZ asked me to go to LIVESTOCK for a lechon luncheon with the rest of my co-bloggers who didn’t get to go the first time, I hesitated because the restaurant was all the way in Quezon City. Near ABS-CBN to be precise. Just thinking of the traffic under unbearable heat had my tummy tied in knots. Plus he wasn’t going to be there anyway as he already went the first time with the rest, so I thought, what’s the point. I didn’t even know who else was going to be there.


Phone: 02 3320409
Address: 34 Jardin De Zanaida Compound, Sergeant Esguerra Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City




I was happy to see that livestock was big, airy, and spacious. Plus the natural lighting was good for my photos. Suddenly, everything turned up bright for me.



I loved the menu. It tells you which part of Le Piggy you are eating! :P



This photo belongs to ZOMATO.


But then he told me it was something I shouldn’t miss because the Crispy Pata was to die for. So like an obedient piglet, I went. And I’m so glad I did. Mic & Ching Uy kept feeding us with one delightful dish after the other that I really had to get up and walk around now and then just so my food would go down the right pipe! :P



With LIVESTOCK owners, husband & wife chefs Kristoffer “Mic” Uy & the very pretty and charming Cecilia “Ching” Uy. I asked them why LIVESTOCK. They own a piggery so naturally, all their supply comes from their livestock farm. :)


Lemme tell you something about LIVESTOCK. First off, most on the menu, andย  I mean MOST save for a handful of items, has pork in it. From the salad to the ice cream on your dessert. So if you’re not fond of pigs. Get out. This is not the place for you, lels. :P

Fortunately for me, I LOVE pigs. I am, after all, LE MIZ PIGGY! :) So I had a blast.




Pig Wings. Crispy bacon wrapped chicken wings in buffalo sauce. 3 pcs. at 320 php, 5 pcs. at 440 php.


Livestock Caesar Salad 230 php. Romaine lettuce tossed in creamy coddled Caesar dressing topped with crispy pork belly,


Pork Cheek Ragu 375 php.


Adobo & Kesong Puti Pizza 395 php. OMG this was also LHAV! I liked how the crust was this & crispy & that the cheese used was Kesong Puti. This is really something for the books. You NEED to order this & the crackling pork belly.


Livestock Crackling Pork Belly (300 grams at 290 php, 500 grams at 490 php, and 1 kilo at 895 php). This is the 500 grams portion. The most tender pork belly roll stuffed with fresh herbs & roasted until crispy. Now I know the Crispy Pata was the banner carrier of Livestock, but in my heart, this made the standing ovation. I LOVED IT!! From the uiciness, tenderness to the herbs & spices used. This for me, was the real winner. Something YOU simply MUST order when you visit Livestock.


See? Even the pickiest of eaters took delight & glee in this baby! ;))


And it wasn’t nakaka-umay at all because of the fragrant herbs & spices rubbed into this lovely belly! <3 #forthewin


Livestock’s signature dish, the Melt-In-Your-Mouth Crispy Pata 590 php. So tender you can actually slice it using the popsicle stick. First time I’ve ever encountered such tenderness!


I kid you not. The most tender crispy pata I’ve ever tasted! <3

For non-pork lovers! Don’t be afraid to visit Livestock. There is always something for everyone to enjoy..



Drunken Mussels 330 php. Plump New Zealand mussels steamed in beer, fresh herbs, with finely chopped and shredded pork bits.

Seafood Laksa Soup 290 php. Seafood soup of fragrant, spicy broth with a refreshing sour note. I love laksa so I welcomed this to our pork-laden table with delight! <3

Mushroom Duxelle Fish Fillet 290 php. A fresh fillet of Cream Dory covered in lemon butter caper sauce topped with mushrooms.



Seeing it was a day before RINA’s birthday, Ching & Mic were so sweet to let her make a wish & blow the birthday candle. Of course the adorable baby Rain had to help out mommy a bit. ;)


Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich 180php. Rich and creamy caramel vanilla ice cream with bacon bits on crisp French toast. See? I told you even the dessert had a bit of pig in it. ;) This is definitely MY type of restaurant. Oink! <3



One Pig Party. Oink! <3


And if you’re still not sold on how much we REALLY love them pigs. CLICK HERE to see Richie’s love affair with pork hehe..



RICHIE poses on the Evolution of Pig mural.


I was tempted to join. But I didn’t wanna steal his show. :P


Thank you so much MIC & CHING for having us. We enjoyed every single bite. And thank you so much boss Spanks for the invite. It truly was worth the glaring sun, the traffic, and the trek up north! #sorryimnotsorry Until now I’m still dreaming about those Crackling Pork. FML! @_@

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