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Live Seafood at Ming Kee Restaurant

Famous for its Thrice Cooked Crab Beehon and other seafood specialties, Ming Kee Live Seafood now has its first branch out of Singapore bringing its well-known Southern Chinese Specialties for the Filipinos to enjoy. Known as Ming Kee Restaurant in the Philippines, expect the same famous Southern Chinese cooking here for us to take delight in.

Last week, The Bossman invited Kap & me to join him for another night of food discovery. He always takes us to the nicest places so I was looking forward to a fresh seafood dinner -with the promise of big fat succulent crabs, all week long. And as always, he didn’t disappoint.

Ming Kee Restaurant

7852 Makati Avenue, Poblacion Makati (02)893 4533


This map is for my dear friend Meding who was asking me about the directions. Nuh-uh, not from me Med haha. All I know is that Kap let me off at the curb while he parked at the nearby Century City Mall. There is no parking on the street outside so it’s either the mall a block away, or the basement parking of a hotel beside it. Both happen to have the same Singaporean owners who are also the owners of Ocean Park! You can definitely say that seafood IS their specialty! :P



Look for New World Makati City, Manila Hotel (former Renaissance Hotel) & Ming Kee Restaurant is just right beside it.



Kitchen is on the ground floor. So is the live seafood.



But worry not, Ming Kee Restaurant has an elevator to take you to the private function rooms on the 2nd floor, or to the dining area on the 3rd floor. So you’re not huffin’ & puffin’ all the way up. Pretty soon, there will be an entrance from the connecting hotel for better access to hotel guests.



Rockstar Chef IVAN TAM from Singapore, with Rick Lim his sous chef, delights us with his humor & talent in the kitchen.



When welcomed with a cold glass of mojito piled high with shaved ice to beat the summer heat, how can the evening go wrong? ;) Kap & I are accidentally color coding again, lels. I like it when we match.



House special salmon salad 680 php. Similar components as the prosperity toss or Yee Sang which is customarily associated with Chinese New Year. It consists of salmon, shredded veggies, & jelly fish laced with special sauce.



Assorted Cold Cuts 960 php.



Acknowledged as one of Singapore’s best dishes. Ming Kee’s Crab Beehon is stir-fried, steamed and braised to perfectly infuse secret flavors together with the rice noodles and the moist succulent crabs. This heavenly creation of Chef Ivan will definitely get you coming back for more! A large dish like this costs around 2,000 php depending on the season & availability of crabs.



Hainanese white chicken 960 php. Served with traditional sauces: Singaporean hot chili, dark soy sauce & minced ginger.



Roast chicken with fermented bean sauce 960 php.



Stir-fried cereal prawns 1,050 php. A common dish at any Singaporean restaurant except for the special cereal oats used, Ming Kee’s own.



Ming Kee homemade beancurd 570 php. One of my faves that night. Even Kap agreed with me. <3 Made from the finest soya beans, ground into soya milk & cooked to become the silkiest bean curd that melts in your mouth. <3



Teochew Garoupa. Topped with home made bean curd which is one of Ming Kee Restaurant’s speciality, mushrooms, chili, spring onion, pickled plums & salted vegetables, the garoupa is steamed all of 6 minutes before being served on a sizzling plate. Price varies according to season & availability of fish.



Braised beancurd in claypot 570 php.



Drunken Prawns with Herbs 1,750 php. The process of this drunken prawns involves soaking live prawns in strong chinese wine. When the alcohol is poured in the pot it should be covered then shaken (not stirred, lels) to get the prawns drunk prior to boiling. I am not kidding. Price varies according to season.



Another favorite of mine, this Stir-Fried Clams with Ginger & Garlic 535 php.



Sambal Fried Rice 600 php. Made from a variety of chili pepper, shrimp paste, fish sauce, garlic, ginger, shallots, scallion, sugar, lime juice & rice vinegar. More known as Nasi Goreng in Malaysia.



We were entertained to the hilt that night with TONI LOU at the helm explaining each dish as they came out & seeing to our needs. Thank you Toni for your graciousness. :-* And thank you, The Bossman Spanky Enriquez, for another gastronomic night!



For dessert, chef Ivan amazed us with what I can best describe as ginataan. It’s Yam & Taro in Coconut Cream which takes 2 hours to prepare & is off the menu. Do ask for it when you happen to dine at Ming Kee Restaurant. Costs approximately 600 php good for 10-12.

Thank you so much MING KEE RESTAURANT for having us over & treating us to a sneak peak, and taste, of your wonderful dishes. Being part of something new is always exciting. And we hope that just as you have succeeded in Singapore, you will also conquer the Philippines & the heart of the Filipinos. <3

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