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Live, Laugh, Love.

Kap’s tennis buds are like his second family. Beyond the banter & laughter is genuine love & care among this diverse group of people. Neighbors with different age range & varied interests, all brought together by the love of the sport.

This morning, we said our final goodbyes to Ate Evelyn, wife of Kap’s closest & dearest friend, after 3 nights of mourning & consoling each other -reminiscing of the life that was. Kuya Ronnie & Ate Evelyn had a good run, 40 years. But a loss is a loss, no matter how you look at it. No matter how much time you spend with a loved one, it will never be enough.


Ate Evelyn has always had an ethereal beauty about her, brought about by her kindness & gentleness. She was loved by many.

evelynAte Evelyn left behind 4 grown kids, 3 granddaughters, and the love of her life, Kuya Ronnie. She lost her battle to CA. For months, we all stormed heaven with prayers for God to extend Ate Evelyn’s life, but His will won out over our intercession.

2 days before she passed, Kap & I went to see her in the hospital. In spite of the morphine, she was moaning & in pain. It was agonizing & heartbreaking to see. No one should ever have to endure that. Her only consolation, if any, was she was surrounded by people who loved her.


Respectfully sharing her son’s post..

Loss makes us stop & think. At the end of the day, love is all that matters. You can have all the riches, all the accomplishments, all the glory. But on your death bed, the only one you want, the only one you will really call out for, is your family.

Because of the recent turn of events in our lives, Kap & I are now able to take it easy and relax a bit, allowing us to enjoy life without worrying too much about the future. We were able to somewhat secure the future of the 3 kids, with a little left over for us.

I’m trying to persuade him to slow down a bit & to just stop, enjoy life & revel in each other. Hold hands, go on dates, be silly together, travel and see the world. After solidifying the kids’ future knowing they will be alright, God willing, I think we’ve earned the right to turn our attention to each other.

We don’t have a lot, but we have enough. At our age, it’s time to just sit back & enjoy what we have. Who knows what tomorrow brings?


In a span of 24 hours each day, I only get 2 hours of his undivided attention. Cuddle time is my favorite activity of the day with my most favorite person in the world. It used to be 1-3pm, then we have to pick up the kids from school & focus our attention on being mum & dad. Now it’s 2-4pm then he has to go back to finish his work, while I turn to the kids as they come home. 2 hours is too short. I’m selfish, I want more of my Honey.

Life is too short. Make sure you’re not too busy for the loves of your life. Laugh, love, live while you can. As much as you can.




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