Little Girls & Mermaids

Just before summer ended, my Lavinia had a chance to try out her Lifeproof iPhone case underwater! ;) And of course she had all her friends joining in the fun. Not to be forgotten is her mermaid tail which I had specially made for our Bohol trip way back 2-3 years ago I think. I’m happy it still fits! ;P

My Lavinia & her mermaid tail <3
flip-flop-flip-flop ;P

Maxine also tries it out..
and Bella. :)
Loose on the 2 skinny girls haha.
And I’m guesing it weighs A TON in the water, what with the full sequins & stuffings.

Bella, a triathlete, is so comfortable in the water! :)
She’s really like a mermaid na, Rica. Haha.
Max also so graceful underwater.
and Maxine! <3
Too bad Tasha wasn’t able to join in.
Shucks.. our labada is seen in the background -haha!

ahhh. To be young, and wild, and free! ;)

Next time, I’ll put artificial corals underwater, haha, so it looks more realistic for you girls. And maybe some more fish tails & shell bras! ;)

Remind me to bring this to the beach on the 29th, Lovey. When we celebrate tita Judith’s birthday! <3

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