Lippy Spa-rty

I’m the queen of surprises. I love surprising people I love as much as I love being pleasantly surprised, but having 3 kids to constantly amaze, I’m just like a magician running out of bunnies to pull from my hat! @_@


For ate’s 19th birthday, I wracked my brain really hard but I couldn’t come up with a concept anymore. Her sucky schedule in school doesn’t help either. Good thing Coco Nail Studio inspired me the very first time we visited & saved the day with their Afternoon Tea Package offering! I went back that same week, paid my package in full, gave her a list of the food I wanted, and left everything else in Gigi’s able hands. m/

My clueless ate..

She really thought the salon was empty & exclaimed surprise upon seeing the delectable buffet spread. She knew we were having afternoon tea, but was surprised with the buffet set up because she thought it was just for 3 people. Little did she know her friends were hiding behind the curtains! ;)

If this doesn’t say SURPRISED, I don’t know what does, teehee! :P SHE JUMPED!

I love seeing that happy face! <3 She really wasn’t expecting a get-together & thought our dinner that night was her only celebration.

Ate actually thought of the lipstick concept for her friend’s debut a while back. But since Aliya didn’t get to use it, I asked each of ate’s guests to please gift her with any brand & color of lipstick that they think best suits her personality, and to prepare a brief description for the lipstick ceremony.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lippy M PK 355 from Bella! <3

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable from Aliyapooh! <3

Max Factor in Pink Brandy by Sammy! <3

Claire’s Lip Gloss from Noe! <3

Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Dangerous, and Mac Lip Conditioner from Angela & Jasmin! <3

Fun lippys in colorful & vibrant shades ranging from pink to red, perfect for a 19 year old & suits her every mood! :)

For the afternoon tea, I got 8 varieties each from Bizu’s Canapes & Mini-Dessert party package. Each variety contains 10 pieces, perfect for ate’s 10 guests. So we were all able to try everything. Click HERE for CANAPES listing from BIZU, Click HERE for MINI-DESSERT choices from BIZU:

Gigi & her staff took care of everything from ordering to spreading. I just gave her my budget & specifications and she did wonders. Thank you so much! Now this is what you call stress-free partying. This is the most relaxed I’ve ever been in a party I’ve organized!

The savories..

And the sweets. The girls preferred the Savories & those were wiped out in seconds, lels. Not much sweet tooth there.

Click HERE for available Sushi Party Trays from OMAKASE:

Party giveaways from Coco Nail Studio. Thank you! <3

The girls were also treated to the usual hot or cold tea beverages that comes with even the simplest & most basic package (Coco Express mani/ped 320 php).

Opi Nail polish choices for the girls. Other brands available such as Chanel, Butter London, and Gel Polishes.

I was happy to see my little bird nibbling here & there. She was on a cleansing diet actually, but seeing how sad I looked when she snubbed my spread, she got a SMALL plate & quickly filled it up to turn my frown upside down. <3

Why she needs this I can never understand! @_@

Pang ilang wish na ito ate? Siguro naman your wish will come true na. Except if it’s a BOYFIE, then contra-contra ako jan! :P

7 of her 9 closest girlfriends, plus of course her best friend & sister! <3 We missed you big time Danni & Diana!

The surprise tea party was a HUGE success & the college girls all had a lovely time getting treated & pampered before they had to face another stressful week in school. 2 of her dearest friends weren’t able to make it, but the 7 who did made sure it was a celebration worth remembering. Thank you so much, girls! <3


Ate loved ALL the lipsticks she received, but one that caught her attention the most, aside from the new BENEFIT HYDRA SMOOTH LIP COLOR in NICE & TEASY that she got from her sister..

This photo belongs to Benefit Cosmetics.

Nice & Teasy from Benefit Cosmetics. <3

was the new & getting popular HAPPY SKIN COSMETICS. She adores cute packaging & fun names. Happy Skin Cosmetics is very similar to Benefit’s concept & considerably less expensive even though the products are imported from Japan. The fact that it also had a hydrating & moisturizing ingredient made her fall in love with the brand. I’ll make sure to get her more to complete her starting collection. Happy Skin products are available in all Beauty Bar and Plains & Prints outlets.

These 2 succeeding photos belong to Happy Skin Cosmetics.

Not new to the world of beauty, Icons Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez and Rissa Mananquil-Trillo decided to team up to create Happy Skin, an original brand of skin-loving makeup.

Girls’ Night Out from Happy Skin Cosmetics! <3

Trying it out right away! ;) She was in a happy mood that afternoon if I were to base it on the color that she chose to apply! :P

Of course, ate wasn’t the only one who got gifts that day. I made sure that all her girlfriends went home not only looking beautiful & feeling relaxed, but that they can visit Coco Nail Studio again next time by giving them all Gift Certificates which are also available for sale in different denominations at the Salon.

I would like to thank the very beautiful, very charming hostess extraordinaire Gigi Uson, owner of Coco Nail Studio, and her friendly & efficient staff for helping me pull this birthday lippy spa-rty surprise! <3 Gigi took care of every single detail & did a wonderful job! All I had to do was bring the princess in! ;) Should you also wish to avail of her expertise, call 552-3156 or 0917-5685675 and Coco Nail Studio has every imaginable package available to suit your needs. You can also book the entire salon for 3 hours for a minimum consumable of 5k (services only).

Coco Nail Studio is now DEFINITELY our new go-to place for nail treatment & pampering.

Dear ate. I hope you had a fun celebration with the girls dearest & closest to your heart. I know you weren’t expecting a spa-rty so it was fun going behind your back & arranging everything with your friends. The look on your face was simply priceless. I love seeing you happy. <3

*All details were listed here for your guided information. This is not a sponsored ad, and I paid for all above-mentioned products, food, & services -except for the gifts for the celebrant of course. I call it as I see it. <3

PS: And her day was FAR from over! More friends came to our home that night to give her yet another surprise! <3

Of course the PARTY ROCKERS wouldn’t miss greeting her & making her feel oh-so-very special!

To show their support to her never-ending diet, her friends gave her a FRUIT BASKET instead of a cake to blow! ;)) How thoughtful is THAT? <3

With The GANG! <3 Thank you Jino & Jonah for spearheading this!

Naku, buti nalang these kids were easy to feed! I just called for pizza, pasta & chicken & they were happy as happy can be! ;))

You are JUST. SO. LOVED. ate! I shows the kind of person you are. I’m so happy to have such a beautiful daughter, in & out! <3

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