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Linguini Fini

I’ve been seeing LINGUINI FINI all over my Instagram Feed & Blog Roll from my favorite food bloggers, and I’ve been slowly anticipating the day that I will finally get my turn to visit the much talked about & in-nest place in the metro! <3

My wish was finally granted when the lovely MAITA from The MOMENT GROUP sent me an invite! Happiness is too mild a word to describe what I felt when I saw her name pop up on my phone. Maybe ecstatic is the word? Yes, definitely! ;)

The Moment Group, founded and owned by Abba Napa, Eliza Antonino and Jon Syjuco, has become one of the country’s most dynamic restaurateurs with concept-driven restaurants like ‘Cue, Manam, Burger Bar, 8Cuts, and Phat Pho Manila.  In partnership with Hong Kong’s Homegrown Foods, founded by New York childhood friends, Todd Darling and Robert Spina, The Moment Group has brought in Linguini Fini to Manila! So MANY THANKS, The Moment Group!!! :-*


Linguini Fini

3/F SM Megamall, Mega Fasion Hall, Julia Vargas Avenue corner EDSA, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong
Phone: +632 5313302; (02) 531-3302
Hours: 10am – 10pm

Linguini Fini is at the 3rd floor of the new Fashion Hall of Megamall.



We were warmly greeted by Robert Santos & Carissa Villanueva. Nothing beats a warm welcome in every establishment. <3


Linguini Fini is an Italian restaurant rooted in New York culture, which means it’s not short of raw American passion with a distinct sense of style and attitude, immediately evident as you walk through its doors. But that’s just the surface.  Dig deeper and what Linguini Fini offers is the essence of authentic Italian food: It’s fresh produce. It’s locally-sourced. It’s organic. And 100% homemade! <3






Love the wall art! Sarimanok!






With the very young, very talented Executive Chef of Linguini Vini, Vinny Lauria who is here in Manila for only a week to oversee the Manila operations. How lucky am I to have met him yesterday! <3




Linguini Fini aims to give Filipino diners an Italian experience like no other, starting  with a menu that is made up of classic Italian dishes done the Linguini Fini way – by sourcing nothing but the finest local flavors.




Soup of the Day: Minestrone. So flavorful I got even more excited with what lay ahead! <3



White Gold Bars 365 php. Herb breaded house kesong puti, homemade marinara.



Antipasto Salad 535 php. Romaine, artisan salumi, marinated vegetables, olives, Grana Padano, red wine vinaigrette. This is already a full meal in itself. But of course that didn’t stop me from sampling other delectable delights by Linguini Fini! ;)



Straccetti Di Manzo 495 php. Seared rare beef slices, artichokes, gorgonzola, arugula, anchovy aioli. I loved everything at Linguini Fini, but if I had to choose just one absolute favorite, then I think this would have to be it. <3



The Bronx 785 php.Sausage, pepperoni, porchetta, mozzarella, tomato.



Porchetta 595 php. Slow roasted, fennel rubbed pork belly served sliced with caramelized onion marmalata.


The signature pasta is the restaurant’s namesake, LINGUINI FINI, which literally means “fine little tongue.”  It comes in different variants like classics pomodoro and aglio olio, or the signature “Infused Linguini Fini” which are offered as menu specials.  Part of Italian cuisine is using ingredients that are nearby and cooking them the Italian way.  With “Infused Linguini Fini” pastas, local flavors are infused into the pasta, creating something that is both exciting and satisfying, but at the same time honors the integrity of the ingredient.



Chef Vinny Lauria’s nose-to-tail philosophy is about making the most of every part of the pig, so that nothing goes to waste. Every part of it is used in a few signature dishes and specials. The idea behind nose-to-tail is simple: to achieve flavor and for sustainability. “With a little extra time and preparation, the parts (known as offal) that are often thrown away are the tastiest.” Papardelle “Nose To Tail Bolo” 430 php. Pork testa (head), veal & oxtail ragu, Parmigiano Reggiano.



Spaghetti With Chicken Liver Sugo 355 php. Pancetta, brown butter, aged balsamico.



My happy date. <3



It was such a pleasant surprise when Jin walked in! <3 And you know how clingy to her I get haha. See? Hindi siya makawala! :P





Linguini Fini Chocolate Cake 365 php. Banana, vanilla custard, milk caramel. Said to be the house specialty & must-order on the dessert menu. I couldn’t agree more. I took a teensy-weensy bit off each of the dessert. Every small scoop was heaven I tell you! <3


Tiramisu 195 php. Mascarpone cream, coffee cake crumble, coffee gelato. This is also a sure winner!


Blueberry Cheesecake 295 php. Almond pie crumble.



Almond Panna Cotta 195 php. Sour cherry jam, oatmeal cookie crumble. This was Kap’s ultimate favorite & finished it to the last uhhhmm. drop?


Hot Chocolate Affogato 165 php. Cinnamon toast crunch, milk gelato.



At Linguini Fini, anyone can enjoy authentic, fresh and tasty Italian food. Not simply because the taste is flavorful, but because the atmosphere is warm, chic and friendly. The Linguini Fini team puts as much love into the service as they do into the food. Making every guest feel welcome and at home. So much so that they just keep coming back. .

Thank you SO much The Moment Group, Linguini Fini, and Maita for having us, for making my dream menu come true, and for sending us off burping & happy! <3
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