Life begins at 40! ;)

In all of our 24+ years together, it just occurred to me that we have NEVER taken a motorcycle ride together. Amazing how we go through almost every adventure together, and yet, my honey &I never ever rode a motorcycle with me naka-angkas! We rode planes, boats, bikes.. hiked together, swam together, but never rode a motorcycle like the one in the commercial where the girl tightly holds on to the guy’s waist, her long hair billowing around her… off into the sunset (sigh..)

While the kids and I were at the parlor having our nails done, my honey surprised me by honking outside, riding a scooter he borrowed from a client of his car paint shop. A SCOOTER, of all things. He invited me to take a ride with him around the nearby village.

Now, there must be almost, or at least 400 pounds between the 2 of us. (Excuse me, but I have gained a lot in the course of our marriage.) And we’re taking about a teeny tiny scooter! ;))

Oh well, another adventure to try out, I thought to myself. So even though we looked silly (the wheel was about to flatten, I swear!), off we went. Me in slippers and shorts. No helmets or any safety harness or whatever you call it.

Sorry, I know this picture is really bad.
But this is the only one we have, taken with our son’s phone camera! :P

At first, I was scared because my honey wasn’t an experienced rider. And.. it was dark & ghost humps were all over the place. @_@

But to my surprise, I found it exhilarating. I was almost sorry when we headed back. I held on to him for a few seconds more after we stopped, savoring the memory. Pretending I’m the girl in the commercial! ;P

Somewhere along the way, we stopped taking silly adventures. As both of us grew older, with kids to think of, we became more grounded.

Now, I’m thinking of.. no- definitely NOT bungee jumping. We’ll start small. Maybe zip line.. (Actually we went to one already but I chickened out at the last minute!) Then para-sailing… Perhaps try a hot-air balloon. Then maybe, climb mount everest– JOKE.

They did say life begins at 40. So maybe It’s time we lived a little! It’s not too late. After all, life is too short for “what-ifs”!

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