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Lido de Paris

Newly reunited from 2 decades of no contact, our aunt & uncle -being solid manileneans, invited us to have dinner with them at Lido de Paris in Ongpin. My aunt is the youngest sister of my late dad. I have had no relationship with my Father’s kin even as a child save for my angkong & kind ama -his parents, so this was a welcome change. I was open to getting to know them better, even at this late stage.

A daughter’s loyalty is always to her mother I guess, so because of past family feuds, there was no desire on either part to reach out. It took an important deal to bury the hatchet & forget past heartaches & hurts. What’s in the past cannot be recovered. We can only move forward. So this recent development is very much welcome. Major catching up was in order, blood after all, will always be blood, right?

Lido De Paris Manila

China Plaza Bldg, 1036 Ongpin Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila
Facebook: None

Lido de Paris is a 3,5 star hotel with a spa & seafood restaurant near San Agustin Church. I’m a Binondo girl & I never even knew this place existed. Maybe because it was built around 6 years ago & I moved to the South 25 years ago? And wala masyadong info in the net when I tried googling it.

As the name goes, it’s a crude homage to Paris. ;) They tried pulling off the Paris vibe in every corner. So if you see a very colorful, somewhat tacky building which caters to mostly mainland chinese guests, that’s it.




The 3 succeeding photos belong to Lido de Paris




Room rates start at 2k.

My kin treated us to Ta Lian Seafood Restaurant which offers modern chinese & seafood dishes and can be found at the ground floor of the hotel..












We were happy with the food. A bit on the bland side but at least we didn’t get dizzy -which is almost always when eating chinese because of the heavy use of MSG. And the seafood we had were all fresh, especially the swahe na ang bilis balatan. The misua is a must-have.


Family ties are precious threads. No matter where we roam, they draw us close to those we love. And pull our hearts towards home.

Family. No family is perfect. We argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times. But in the end, family is family. And the love will always be there.

I have yet to see my cousins. But I’m patient. I was able to wait for 20 years. What’s a few more days. Baby steps. ;)

Family quotes (1)

At the end of the day, a FAMILY should find everything forgivable. <3

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