Lhuillier Halloween Party

364 days of the year, the kids are the stars & I am merely in the background. But come halloween, I claim the right to be not just the star, but The Superstar, hahaha! :P And I really thank my family for always supporting me with all the craziness that is my life! ;))

This year, I decided to be the Queen of Hearts! So allow me to have my Tina Tagle moment please, as I post my outfit of the Day! ;)

Royalty is not royalty without the CROWNS! ;))

Look at what I found!!! Melissa came up with these perfect flats!!! <3

Ate found heart falsies for me!!! <3

and of course in line with HEART everything, heart dangling earrings that weighed A TON!!! But sige lang! ;))

Literally wearing my heart on my sleeve! ;))

Front view..

Back view! ;))


Pay per view, HAHAHA! :P


Trick or Treat!!

Presenting: The King & Queen of Hearts! ;P

Why go through all that trouble & expense, you ask? Well, for one, I love to play dress up! ;P And also because Jean Henri & Bea Lhuillier gives THE BEST halloween party ever! And we’re lucky enough to be invited! m/

Nakaka-stress lahat ng bisita talagang naka-elaborate costumes..

With the Mad Hatter! Sayang may fog effect! :P

Jean Henri welcomes guests as a Roman soldier.

With the dapper Doc Jello & beauteous Candy

Fred& Wilma! Barney & Betty <3 It’s so cute when husband & wife come in couples costume!

Bing the the oil Sheik & his “concubines” trololol.

Willima & Kate. They are sooooo cute! :)

With the extra terrestrials, Gerard & Iris! :P

I love her, she really does look like Liv Tyler (Arwen Evenstar) in Lord of the Rings. Notice the very tall Gandalf behind us! m/ This is WHY we really have to dress up!

With the pharaoh & his queen.

With Dobie, the slave in Harry Potter. This is JHL’s houseboy dressed as Dobie. He was there to pick up empty bottles & leftover drinks.. So fitting, hahaha!

With Randy & Chiqui as the Emperor & Empress. Royalties were walking the earth last saturday! ;))

With the lovely hostess Bea (as raggedy Ann)

With Robert Trota of Max Fried Chicken as a BANANA! ;)) For their banana ketsup??? :P

With Ernie & Bert. They are really a gay couple. So cute & so sweet!

Guess who won Queen of the Night!!! Moi!!! m/

We won, we won!!! m/ All our pictures together had a fog effect. Wonderland na wonderland ang ambience naming 2 hehe!!! ;P

Got a confirmation! m/ My friend Candy says he was KISS (gene simmons) last year. Pare-pareho kasing foreigners haha I can’t differentiate puro matatangos ang ilong! ;))

And she’s BACK, literally. :P

The King & Queen of Hearts, exiting! :))

Had sooooo much fun!!! And now, there’s really the pressure to don a more elaborate costume next year. Winning, after all, is EVERYTHING!!! Lol-jk! :P

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