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Lhuillier Halloween Party 2017

It was 6 years ago when the Lhuilliers last hosted a halloween party. They give THE BEST parties, so every year I’d wait in anticipation wondering if they will host another one. But year after year they’d spend Halloween abroad, kaya Camp Sawi ang drama ko for the past 6 years ahuhu.

THIS year though, the Lhuilliers decided to host another one, yehey! However, because I was so busy with Jena’s debut & outreach, I didn’t get to prepare extensively with our family costumes like I normally do year after year.

I was given only 2 weeks notice by Kap, nothing much I can do in terms of dressing up, so I had to contend with re-using our Ursula & King Triton last year. Mahirap talaga kapag plus-size, I can’t find any local costumes that can fit my ample bosom & bulging tummy lol.

Jean Henri dressed up as Willy Wonka whileh is lovely wife Bea dressed up as Violet Beaugregarde. To refresh your memories, Violet Beauregarde is the bratty little girl who chewed gum all the time. Willy Wonka was showing off his latest experiment, the Magic Chewing Gum, which was a filling three-course dinner in the form of a stick of gum. Violet snatched the piece of gum from Wonka, ignoring his warning that there were problems with it. Violet then turned violet & swelled up like a balloon. She eventually became a large round mass of blueberry juice encased in her skin, and Mr. Wonka had the Oompa-Loompas send her to The Juicing Room where the Oompa-Loompas juiced the blueberry juice out of her.

Kap my Kap with our barangay kagawad Dr. Marcus Lester Suntay, and Robert Trota of Max’s Restaurant.

As expected, the buffet spread was unparalleled..

And always in theme! <3

And because of the lighting, we all turned purple too like Violet hehehe.

Whereas the last party, naagnas ako because we stayed outdoors, this time around, we enjoyed the blast of cold air in the air-conditioned dining area at the Lhuillier residence.

The Lhuillier pets took center stage & over the grounds as they strutted proudly in their halloween costumes. Kap was able to snatch this handsome pug for a photo op haha.

Tennis & basketball friends all joined together. Too much fun! \m/

Hopefully, party or no party, I will be able to buy our themed family costumes again in time next year. June palang mag-hanap na ako online, lol. It has been a tradition for us to go around the village and Kap & the kids have really been so nice & accommodating to go along with me that I don’t want to break it.

Pero sana, may party parin hehe. :P #certifiedsocialclimber

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