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#LetTheGamesBegin #ShangriLaPH

I was so lucky to be among the few & select guests of Makati Shangril-La, Manila‘s Media Appreciation Party. The invite mentioned coming in Attire: Capitol Couture or District Victors as the theme was -you guessed it, Hunger Games! And you KNOW nothing gets me more excited that donning a costume right? Giddiness was too weak a word to describe the state I was in the days leading to the event!

No way was I going as a District Victor. No siree, my motto is GO BIG or BUST! :P BUT! Ate strongly reminded me to tone it down a bit as I was going to a themed party, not Halloween. Ooooo..kaaay. KJ! :P


photo 2


photo 1

So this is my version of TONED DOWN! :P I had some nail stickers lying around the house so I decided to use it around my eye as bling. And Ate gifted me a while back with a Shu Uemura falsies which I was able to use again. Yay! <3


The girls cut up some cloth from old skirts & together, we made a fascinator. The dragonfly is a christmas tree ornament we dug up & glued on for a touch of whimsy. I wanted a mockingbird but we just made do with what was readily available. Hindi nga daw halloween! :P


Kap wanted to go as District Victors, in camo. Hello? Rugged? No thanks! :P Capitol Couture all the way please.


The very busy citizens of Panem. ;)


Thank you Chrystel (in black) for the invite! :-* Oh joyous day!


And thank you too Mica for always remembering to include me!!! <3


The KTG or (Killers Training for the Games). :P


Boss & I matched with our footwear of choice that night. BOOTZ! I’m so thankful my girls & I have the same shoe size so I can always borrow when the need arises. They are so fashowyn! ;)


With the Features Editor of Stargate Media Corp. (People Asia Magazine), GREGGY VERA CRUZ. And I regretted toning down. This is what happens when I don’t follow my heart, lels! :P Crocodile trumps Zebra!!! Nilamon ako ng buong buo!


With jewellery designer JUNJUN ABLAZA, the Victor of the Hunger Games! Best dressed, and I couldn’t agree more! Just FABULOUS!!!

PicMonkey Collage

The Shangri-La peeps sure know how to entertain! There were different district fighters in every corner! The theme was further heightened with the live musical scoring by DJ Stefan Loewenstein, production design by Jaime Santiago and brilliant directing by Marex Gaba.


With THE Marex Gaba who has been directing the  Shangri-La Media Parties for more than a decade now. Impressive results, Marex!! :-* It was so nice bumping into you again!


Belvedered Vodka was one of the major sponsors as well as and Moet-Hennesy. All the drinks were themed as well. Great party indeed! \m/


There were overflowing drinks at every turn..


As well as assorted delectable canapes which were aplenty & passed around generously as we chit-chatted the night away.

photo 4

photo 3


The beautiful (and oh-so-thin) Lexi Schultz was our host for the night. And she introduced the district Sponsors…


Presenting the Makati Shangri-La, Manila district. My absolute favorite!!! <3 PR Princess Lesley (leftmost), Mica (beside Lesley), and Chrystel (black) looked so splendid garbed in their Capitol Couture attire. I love these ladies so very much! <3


Featuring our host district, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel!


The Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts family. Thank you!!! :-*


Known for their awesome food, Edsa Shangri-La made sure all their guests were well-fed & happy. And I guarantee, they did not disappoint. This is what makes them well-loved & favored by all among other hotels in the metro. Beautiful & delicious Hunger Games inspired culinary spread by Chef Warren Brown. <3











Let the games begin! As is the custom, a raffle draw was held for the media huddled together that night courtesy of all the participating Shangri-La Hotel & Resort “districts”. And whad’ya know? Kap’s luck strikes again woohoo! The odd was definitely in our favor as his name was called! <3







I was jumping up & down in happiness! I’m glad my pictures didn’t come out blurry with all my scittishness. :P TWO NIGHTS STAY IN A DELUXE SEAVIEW ROOM with meals in Shangri-La Boracay!!!


Also lucky that night was my friend IRENE a.k.a. Mrs. Tales from the Tummy who won not just a 3-night staycation in Shangri-la Toronto, but also a ROUND TRIP TICKET FOR 2 via PAL!!! Yayyyy!!! <3


Smiling from ear to ear. Their happiness is simply contagious! <3 Sooooo very happy for them! That dress is lucky Irene! You MUST wear it again next year haha! ;-*


My my. TWO victors in the KTG district! The Bossman was very happy indeed.


Congratulations to my Kap & my bestie Irene!!! <3 Thank you so much Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts for this fabulous getaway we will surely enjoy!



photo 5


And to all the other tributes, may the odds be ever in your favor. There is always next year! ;)

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