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Le Jardin

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited to the posh, newly opened french restaurant LE JARDIN at the W Building (where Black Sheep is) to sample its menu and meet the people behind it.

Le Jardin
Penthouse, W Fifth Building,
5th Avenue corner 32nd Street
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
0917 8176584

LE JARDIN is a penthouse garden-themed French restaurant by celebrated French Chef Gils Brault. Chef Hasset Go (MedChef) together with Chef Jonas Ng (Mango Tree and Huat Pot), trained and worked as apprentices under Chef Gils Brault in Vietnam for 6 months & together, takes the helm in the kitchen in the latter’s absence from the country.



With Kathi, the young talented chef Hasset Go, and Claire Tinel, French PR lady of Le Jardin.


Le Jardin, though it screams high end & expensive, looks like a casual Parisian cafe & doesn’t have a strict dress code or a snobbish, pretentious air. It serves classic dishes cooked the traditional French way, and makes its own breads, cheeses, and desserts.




I can definitely put Le Jardin under DATE NIGHT category. Love will most certainly be in the air with the romantic atmosphere. ;)



As I said, the ambiance, although it screams expensive, makes for a casual setting with french chairs & industrial ceilings.




Private rooms are available. Great for engagement surprises! <3


You can opt to eat at the bar if dining alone, and chat with the friendly bartender. :)


Le Jardin has an extensive list of wine choices & we were so lucky to be served a sweet white wine, and then a rose, from their cellar. <3


You are given 3 options after being seated. The 4-course menu is at 2,800 php, 5-course is 3,200 php, and the 6-course is 3,600 php. The menu is divided into hot starters, cold starters, meat, fish, and dessert.

We were given the 4-course menu where we were to choose 2 appetizers, a main, a dessert, and a complimentary cheese platter each on top of the course meals.

I understand where a respectable writer was coming from in her review & I respect her opinion, because I was treated badly in one too not so long ago so I definitely know the feeling, believe me. To be fair, we were there on an official capacity and got a totally different dining experience. I don’t know what happened really, and I was completely mortified by her experience.

But here is mine..



I loved the presentation of the menu. Like I said, everything screamed expensive, so be ready to shell out some top bucks when you do come to impress a date, or celebrate a milestone. ;)



We were given a choice of sweet white wine (which Kap enjoyed), or a Rose (which I enjoyed.. too much I think!) :P Both french wines. This is the CHÂTEAU LA CALISSE ROSÉ 2011 which is not part of the 4-course meal & is ordered separately.


It’s not often that we get to enjoy fine dining & high end restaurants so this was really a treat for Kap & I. <3 Cheers!


Have I mentioned you get EXTRA pogi points if you take your date here? ;) And there really is no dress code. Come in whatever you feel like, but of course it depends on a person’s judgement to take care of proper appearance & not offend the other diners. But basically, Le Jardin is chill.



They served a soft roll and a brioche, both baked in-house. I liked the chewy roll while Kap preferred the spongy Brioche.

Picture 6

The amuse bouche, which comes with all courses as with the bread, is scrambled egg with mushroom and truffle imported from France.

Picture 1


Salad de poisson.


Assiette de trois foei gras.


Saumon fume maison

Picture 2


Coquille St. Jacques, pomme de terres aux truffles.



Crevette sautee aux epices.


Lasagne d’agneau.



Escargot de Bourgone.


Pouponette chou confit de canard


After our 2 appetizer choices, we were given these as palate cleansers to get us ready for the main course. Yes, the appetizers (save for the smoked salmon) were small -2 pcs. maximum. But to be fair, they WERE appetizers. :)


Picture 3


And this is how them bloggers roll. :) By the time we get to eat, everything is cold, lels! ;))


Filet de boeuf sauce Morille.


Souris d’agneau.



Cuisse de canard confit.


Filet d’agneau croustillant.

Picture 4


Grilled tuna steak with foie gras & truffle sauce.


Picture 5


Complimentary cheese platter for each guest. These were all made by chef Hasset Go. These were actually a lot so Kap & I just shared one & had the other set to go.



Creme brulee.


Fondant Chocolat.


Mousse chocolat.


Dessert de Gils. This was really amazing. A perfect meal-ender. The ice-cold strawberry & candy mix was a palate cleanser in itself. I declare this the winner for the night!



With the KTG again. :)


Kap & I, we don’t really do fine dining like I always say, because let’s face it, everyone wants value for their money. And admittedly, the price is a bit steep for regular folks like us. But when you come to a place like this, be prepared to shell out decent moolah not just for the food, not just for the ambiance, but for the whole dining experience. We were there for 2 whole hours so you can say you’re also paying for your table while others wait for you to finish your courses. (Do make a reservation ahead of time.)

Plus there is a line between fine dining & buffet. One does not expect to eat a lot when fine dining. You go to a buffet for that. Or to a casual dining. Because you pay for what you eat & nothing else. With fine dining, you take your time. You hold hands & stare into each other’s eyes & whisper sweet nothings. You oooh & aaahh over the beautiful plating of your dishes. You linger.. and then you linger some more & take in the ambiance -that brings forth romance, which is essentially half of what you’re paying for. But that’s just me. ;)

Thank you Le Jardin for having us over. It was truly a night to remember. <3

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