Last Pageant Rehearsal

Today is the most awaited day.. THE PAGEANT!!! m/ Ate didn’t make it to the People’s Choice Award (oh! thank you so much for your votes, most especially to Franny for really campaigning for my Jana on her facebook page! Thank you Marie, Kat, and Aimee! <3) but it’s okay coz I think Annica was the one got the most votes. And we just LOVE Annica, so we still feel very happy & peaceful that she will get one of the coveted titles. :)

Jana & Annica, from the very start, have formed a close alliance. An instant friendship. They are so supportive of each other & really boost each other’s spirits. I’m so very happy that ate is being exposed to so many opportunities at this point in her life. She has been sheltered too much in her high school days so I’m happy that now, she is enjoying every little thing that comes her way.

As a mother, foundation was very important to me. Which is why I chose the close-knit school for them. I wanted the kids to focus more on their studies, and in their family. But now that ate is 18, and her roots are buried deep in the ground, I am pleased to see her shine & get out of her cocoon. <3

The candidates were brought to Cubao for the last rehearsal. Good thing I stuck to ate like glue. Kung saan saan sila napapadpad hayz! ;))

Too bad Annica was absent that day.
It was the most fun rehearsal, I think! :)
Rampa galore! ;) 
I’m really loving ate’s form & walk. <3
I hope she maintains it tonight!

Buddies now, galit-galit later hahaha! ;))
With the current Ms. Science, the very pretty & statuesque KARA GOZALI.
I think she’s 5’11” or more???
And she’s so nice too.
Perfect combination of Beauty, Brains, & Personality! :)
and with the “CRUSH NG BAYAN” from the Psych department, FRANCIS YAO.

By the time rehearsal ended, we were hot & hungry. Good thing Cubao was very near to greenhills so ate & I had lunch at the infamous Gloria Maris..

Gloria Maris
Address: Missouri Street, San Juan, Philippines
Phone: 02 570 0921
Sunday hours 7:00 am–11:00 pm
Transit: Santolan-Annapolis 

Birthday Noodle 300 php 
Beef Tenderloin 390 php 
Baguio Beans with Minced Pork 315 php
Steamed Garlic Fish Fillet 395 php
Sesame Buchi 140 php

Good luck on the pageant tonight, ate! <3 Remember, wining or losing is not important. What’s important is the experience you gained along the way. The new friends you have collected. And the memories that will last you a lifetime.

Who knows, this might just be your stepping ground to more beauty pageants ahead, hehe! ;P Love you!! To me, you will always be the loveliest beauty queen in the world! :-*

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