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Warning: Do not read this post if you are about to go to bed on an empty stomach, or are on a strict diet!!! :P



After Osaka Ohsho & Magosaburo, we got yet another invite from RICHARD for lunch at LASA. We are already so indebted to him & Irene! He keeps feeding us, haha! :)


As he was in our neck of the woods 2 weekends ago, he thought of inviting us to his bloggers lunch. We really appreciated that he was so thoughtful & included us for the merry-making with the rest of his friends. He was waaaay ahead of me too. I didn’t even know LASA was operating had he not told me. And it was right under my radar! :P




Ground Floor, Commerce Center,

Commerce Ave. Corner East Asia Dr. Corner Commerce Ave.,

Filinvest Alabang, 1781 Muntinlupa City




LASA, a modern Filipino restaurant, is a brainchild of good friends Amy Alvarez, Chef CK Kalaw and Miguel Fernandez.




The price is pretty competitive. I thought the food would be mediocre because of the low price, but Chef CK surprised me with his skill & creativeness in coming out with really good modern-cum-fusion Filipino dishes.




There was a good crowd when we got there at around 1PM on a Sunday.


This stairway leads to heaven, I mean Chef CK’s kitchen! ;)

Oh my. You NEED to ask for this complimentary puto with various spreads in case they forget to give you some.
It’s THE BOMB! <3
I never thought puto would be a good combination with these 3 spreads: fish roe (bihod), strawberry mousse, & aligue.
It’s LHAV, I tell you! Get as much as you can!



I also LOVED these meat & salted-egg packed Empanadas! <3 299 php
Reminds me of Ilocos Empanadas but these are MUCH better.





Chef CK came down & introduced himself to us.
He’s very soft-spoken & gentle, I was surprised considering those tats! ;)




Liempo Sisig 220 php which I liked more than the vegetarian version..


Tofu Sisig 175 php




For the kids, you may want to order the Pollo Patatas 260 php
I guarantee you it will be a hit! m/



Sinigang na Bangus sa Miso 370 php


Sinigang na Lechon Kawali 330 php. I loved how the soup was really sour & spicy. <3 It was heaven in a bowl. (I loved everything so much that I took the kids there for lunch another day. This was one of our many orders)


Binakol 185 php



Bloggers hard at work. Meanwhile, I was hard at play! ;P




On the right is the very amiable wife of Chef CK, Yj, who was very hands on & made sure everyone, not just us, were enjoying the food & were getting the attention we needed.


Pinakbet 255 php



Sugpo sa Bihod 649 php.
Now this is really rich as you can see with the abundance of fish roe, so I wouldn’t advice you to over indulge if you are, like me, hypertensive.
Ang sarap, pero sumakit ang batok ko! ;P




Spiced Coconut & Lemongrass Beef Skewers 350 php The beef was surprisingly tender & I didn’t have to fight it with my utensils. But I found the curry & spices too overwhelming though. It had a nakaka-umay feel.



Crispy Binagoongan 360 php
Best pairing ever. The bagoong was spicy so I really enjoyed this dish & had heaps of rice to go with it, to Kap’s dismay. :P



Thai-inspired Crispy Tilapia 269 php


Gising Gising 270 php. You will really “wake up” with the spiciness of this vegetable dish! <3 (I loved everything so much that I took the kids there for lunch another day. This was one of our many orders)


Now this was a great invention by the Chef!
Kare-Kareng Crispy Tadyang 279 php WITH tempura veggies on the side DIPPED in kare-kare peanut sauce!




Plain Rice 150 php (for sharing, 2-3)


Garlic Rice 180 php (for sharing, 2-3) I loved everything so much that I took the kids there for lunch another day. This was one of our many orders.



It was an honor to be sharing this table with these bloggers extraordinaire. Fan mode on! m/


Very happy & satisfied diners.
Yes, sweet kami ni Kap as we were (still) celebrating our 28th anniversary. <3


Pero tinalbugan pa rin kami nitong pagkatamis-tamis na magsing-irog who missed each other because Rina has been away for 2 weeks to visit her aunt in the province. :P
I’ve missed these lovebirds it’s been ages since I saw them last.
Richie has been especially busy with his job so I miss reading his humorous & highly entertaining blog. </3




But nothing can beat the sweetness of our dessert: Peanut butter delight 190 php, Mango cheesecake 230 php, and Canonigo (my favorite among the 3) 180 php.



Going Bananas 190 php. (I loved everything so much that I took the kids there for lunch another day. This was one of our many orders)



Leche ka 220 php. The chocolate cake tasted like there ws rhum infused. The leche flan was great though, it had a creme brulee texture. (I loved everything so much that I took the kids there for lunch another day. This was one of our many orders)


In between eating & waiting for the next dish to arrive, guess who I caught playing with his son’s Transformer toy! :P
Ang kagalang-galang na si Mr. Awesome Planet, lels.
There’s always a kid in everybody.



Class Picture! ;))
Mr. & Mrs. Awesome Planet & their 3 sons, The Pickiest Eater & Rina’s Rainbow, Irene of Indulgence by Irene & daughter Lauren, Yj Kim (Chef CK’s lovely wife), Chef CK, Miguel Fernandez, Tales from the Tummy, Si Sugar at si Spice! ;P




Thank you so much to the LASA team for having us. We had an awesome & very filling lunch! <3 And thank you again Richard for including us, we always enjoy happy moments with your very fun & zany group! :)

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