Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe

There’s a treasure not so hidden within the walls of B.F. Paranaque! And like Columbus, I’ve DISCOVERED it! Lelz-JK! I saw it one time as we were going home from Duty Free last Christmas & vowed I’d go back there someday when everything has settled down a bit.. and go back I did -with a vengeance! <3

Just look at how pretty it is outside.. Larcy’s Cupcakery Cafe just opened it’s doors mid-December.

Pink & Hearts! OMG I DIE!!!
It’s as if you’re in the U.S.! Very stateside ang dating, in fact I thought it was a franchise. <3 Bonggels sya!

and inside! <3

Gorgeous & the JOKER! ;P 
Merchandise for sale.
Again.. IT’s SO PINK!!! <3 
And so affordable too! m/
I’ve had cupcakes that cost 100 php or more but don’t even compare to the yummy goodness of Larcy’s cupcakes!
(Nope. Not a paid ad. Just my honest-to-goodness opinion! ;P)
Open bakery. Clean & orderly, just the way I like it.
Nothing to hide! ;))
Larcy Gatchalian, the very hands-on owner.
I really love the cozy, country-ish ambience. <3
and you have I told you how much I love PINK & HEARTS???
OMG I might just be their #1 customer soon! :P

From left to right: Valrohna Triple Chocolate 75 php each. Bananutella 70 php each. Old Fashioned Choco Cupcake 70 php each.
Toblerone Cheesecake 70 php each, PINK velvet 65 php each, and Cookies & Cream Cheesecake 75 php each.
Even the box is TOO CUTE! <3
I bough some cupcakes for my Lovey who had to stay in school for her pre-camp. Boo! :'((
We missed you, baby! </3
Promise, we’ll come back tomorrow to buy you more cupcakes my love! :-*
The cashier was kinda slow.. but really nice! :)
Potato Skin Chips with Garlic 125 php
(Hmmmnnn.. tastes like any ordinary chips. I think their forte is really the yummy dessert.) 

Super cute lamp!!! <3
20 php each.
My favorite. Can you tell? ;))
The kids had the Meat Sauce & Cheese pasta. 165 php
Sweet bolognese. Perfect for pinoy panglasa.
Meanwhile.. I just couldn’t resist. I had THREE cupcakes!!! @_@
And I loved EVERY SINGLE ONE! huhuhu.

Wanted to try some of their main dishes sana but I was really still too full from lunch.
(But not for cupcakes. NEVER!)
Perhaps on our next visit.

And lookee who we bumped into! Ate’s old grade school friend! <3
They’re both so dalaga now!

Tomorrow, we’ll try another B.F. hidden treasure. Do watch out for it! Meanwhile.. I think I’ll have another cupcake! ;))

Noms! <3
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