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Labor Day Food Trip

We don’t normally go to the mall during holidays. GRABE ANG TAO! @_@ But RICHARD invited us along to try out the 3 new exciting flavors of BONO GELATO in SM AURA. Then he said the magic words.. RAMEN NAGI for dinner after the taste test. Wala na, bumigay na ako.


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But before anything else, syempre the kids had an OOTD & mini-fashion show before we headed out. Or rather the 2 older ones had a photo shoot & they made their little sister take their photo! :P


True enough, we couldn’t find a parking space. Kamot ng ulo si Kap with halong bulong, teehee. I distracted him by enumerating the many yummy ice cream flavors in Bono while silently praying for a parking space asap. Lo & behold, the car in front of us signaled that it was leaving. YES! \m/

With the parking problem out of the way, it was the seating problem naman when we got to Bono. Homaygas! Kamot uli si Kap ng ulo (with halong bulong pa rin). My well-trained kids stood beside several tables & pretty soon were herding tables & chairs to form a long connecting table. I love my kids soooo much! Whatever will I do without them? <3

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There.. you see? Caught in action. They quickly got the recently vacated tables & chairs so Mommy dearest won’t get into further trouble with grumpy Dad, lels! :P Even si yaya amazed at their skillz! Dapat ganyan ka din kasi yaya! #watch&learn


With lovely ladies Michelle of JAMFOODS, and REA GOMEZ, Marketing Director for Bono Gelato.



There were 3 new summer flavors: Buko Pandan, Ube, and Mango Sake.


Buko Pandan had young coconut + pandan leaves in a coconut milk gelato tropical paradise. This was our favorite among the 2 out of 3 that we tried.


The ube (Kap’s favorite) unfortunately, was not available. The odds were not in my favor.



Mango Sake which was a combination of Mango + Sake. I asked Rea if this was okay for kids to eat. Although you can taste the sake flavor (which is definitely better suited for the adult taste buds), you can’t actually get drunk from the alcohol that has been mixed in just like in cooking with wine. They don’t give it to kids, but it is kid-safe.


My babyson got a Malted Cookie Dough, 100 php/single scoop.


While my baby girl got the Movie Night.



Having frozen sweets before dinner was just the appetizer. Next came the BIG moment I was looking forward to the whole day.. BLACK KING/RED KING at Ramen Nagi! <3


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Yes. like their parents, they are also fans of Ramen Nagi’s BLACK KING & RED KING! <3



When you visit RAMEN NAGI, make sure you ask about their LIMITED KINGS. So far I was only able to chance upon the Curry. I NEED to try the other 2!!! :'(( Thing is, you never know which Limited King they will feature on the day that you are to visit boohoo.


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Because the night was still young, Richard invited us to try out TOBY’s ESTATE in Salcedo Village & treated us to coffee. This is why I love being friends with foodies. THEY TOTALLY GET ME. Of course si Kap, kamot ulo na naman, at syempre may pabulong pa uli! :P I told you. He really doesn’t get me. He doesn’t understand that even if you are full, there will always be room for something else in your tummy. :))


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I love coffee. But we really came for these Buckys! <3



Of course, the coffee art adds to the whole experience at Toby’s Estate. <3


Yum. Best shared with friends so you get to taste all flavors.


If only everyday was a holiday.. without the gazillion people hehehe.

Thank you again Richard for taking us along. My calendar has been so full ever since you guys have adopted me. I couldn’t be any happier! <3

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