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La Chinesca

Just my luck. The one time I finally wanted to eat Mexican & brave La Chinesca in BF P’que, chef Bruce Ricketts (who was said to man the kitchen on Sundays) wasn’t there. So his minions were in charge that hot, sticky Sunday morning we visited.

The thing with hole in the wall eateries made popular by a particular chef is, it’s ALWAYS better when the owner is the one cooking the dishes. It gives an extra oomph, doncha think? (His presence also keeps his staff, who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, in check.) Otherwise it defeats the purpose of customers going the extra mile. It’s just not the same when others do the cooking, no matter the training. Iba pa rin ang lasa. At lalong iba ang serbisyo.

La Chinesca has 5 tables. FIVE SMALL SQUARE TABLES & can accommodate only 16 pax, 20 at best & that’s already squishing everyone like sardines in a tight can. We arrived at 11:45 am after church. We were 3rd on the wait list as they don’t accept reservations. There were 2 small wobbly chairs outside, both occupied, so we stood waiting. For 50 minutes. Under the glaring sun we stood -waiting. So I suggest you bring a lot of patience, along with your favorite sunnies & a bottle of sunscreen. (Or go at night, and replace the sunscreen with a bottle of mosquito repellant, lol). Parking is ok. 2 available storefront, then you can take your chance across the street where there is a vacant lot. Mag-ingat lang sa pagtawid. We Filipinos are not know for road courtesy, aminin. :P

30 minutes in sa pila, I was ready to back out. But the kids said since we were already there AT MY INSISTENCE, panindigan na daw. Sige, eh di tindig pa more. :P When it was finally our turn, amoy araw na kami hehe at sing-asim na ng calamansi. Summer is so not my favorite season.

La Chinesca

248 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City (02) 738 0724
Operating Hours: 11am – 2pm; 5pm – 10 pm (except Mondays – closed)
Website: (none) | Instagram:


La Chinesca is a Chinese neighborhood located in the Mexican city of Mexicali. Chef Bruce named his Mexican hole in the wall taqueria after this popular hood. Make no mistake though, there is nothing Chinese in the dishes here, lol.


My Sunday crew. And this is me taking their photo by the doorway already. #stomachin #chestout #walanghihinga Totoo ang chismis, 5 tables lang nga talaga, fml. Plus sandwiched pa kami between loud, crying, impatient kids on the left & on the right. WHY? :'((


Liquor STAT. Pampa-haba ng pasensya, lol. Paloma 190 php. Grapefruit, lime, tequila, soda water, chili, and celery salt. And with that, my frown turned upside down. Halfway through my yummy drink & I was cool as a cucumber, deadma na ang malilikot at makukulit na kids. :P


Off menu item, must order: Guacamole (with 2 chips) 380 php. You have to order additional chips, bitin ang 2. Ask for 6 at least to wipe off all that yummy green goo! <3 Masarap to pair with La Chinesca‘s refreshing cocktails. \m/


Tuna Tosatada 180 php /piece. Doubanjiang mayo, lime & orange, maggi, onions & peanuts. Mej nasobrahan sa lime -super asim, otherwise I have no complaints with this particular dish. One of my top faves actually.


Also a fave, this Carne Asada 110 php/piece. Hanging tender, esquites, chinesca creme, salsa fresca on a SOFT taco shell. All tacos are soft, so if you want crunch, go for the tostadas instead.


Not particularly fond of this Guisada de Res 100 php/piece. Stewed beef shoulder, lengua, bell pepper, rice, pinipig.


(L) Carnitas 100 php. Achiote pork confit, bean puree, pickled onions, roasted pineapple, chicharon. (R) Chivo 110 php. Barbecoa-style goat ala plancha, ficama, sesame, salsa verde, feta. Steady lang.


The interior is very simple, posters on the wall & very little else.


Camaroncito 90 php. Shrimp, chorizo de chino, potato, pickled onions, sesame leaf, mozzarella. 3 orders because a serving simply is not enough for the bottomless GOppets. ;))


My pescatarian’s Huachinango 90 php. Battered snapper, cabbage, salsa fresca, chinesca crema & salsa macha.


Off menu Tako Taco 130 php/piece. My order. I have to say, I was somewhat disappointed with this one. I was looking forward to a fresher, chewier octopus. Or maybe it was overcooked, that’s why I found it mej off.

May potential. I’d definitely give this resto another chance when chef Bruce is personally at the helm. But definitely NOT on a weekend. And maybe when the sun is not so glare-y anymore.

The thing with hole in the wall restos in BF is, don’t come with expectations so you don’t get disappointed. Don’t expect service de luxe (read: friendly, courteous staff), don’t expect a big place (read: elbow room) because most are renovated homes turned into humble eateries, and don’t expect great food. Who knows, you may just be pleasantly surprised with the turn of events. ;)

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