La Casa Ria

Before the year 2013 ended, Ria invited the mommy friends to lunch at her beautiful new home. We were sorely lacking one member though. Teree was away so she was greatly missed. Thankfully, 2 other ladies scheduled 2 more lunches in the months to come, and our dear Teree will be home so we will be complete then. <3

I love this personalized letter trim! Can I just add a line across & make it into a “G”??? ;)

I was in absolute awe the moment Faye’s car stopped in front of Ria’s lovely home. The door alone was a stopper! Done by their scion, the well-known award winning filipino sculptor & national artist EDUARDO CASTRILLO, the magnificent door was a sight to behold.

This massive wooden door was 1 foot thick! Impenetrable even by The Walking Dead! :))

Jeje that I am though, the first thing that came out of my mouth, seeing the thick, massive wooden door.. “Hindi makapasok ang Walking Dead dito Ria!” ;) Ria humored me by laughing it off. Must be more careful when I’m around these classy ladies. Don’t wanna get kicked off the team! ;))

To say that I LOVE her new home is an understatement. I wanted to boot her out right there & then and live there myself. And you would too!

View from the doorway.

And view from the windows.

Her professional kitchen where she whips up delightful dishes for her family. 

Her son’s room.

Her daughter’s room. With a slide.
I want to be her daughter! ;)

I love what Ria did with the drawers & cabinets, combining art & functionality! <3
I also love this gorgeous lady in her Valentino spiked heels. Klazz all the way!

A pool for the kids to frolic in.

And I was super fascinated with her waterfall of a faucet.
Sorry, nasanay kasi ako sa gripo lang haha.
Everything about her home screamed art, style, and class. Ang sarap mag-overnight! ;))

After showing us around her drool-worthy home, Ria served us a delectable lunch that she cooked & prepared herself. Yes, she’s one domesticated goddess. JP sure is one lucky hubby! ;)

The tasty, hot & spicy Laksa that made my heart sing, and my tummy smile! <3

Singkamas & Shrimp Spring Roll. Ria’s childhood favorite. Recipe passed down from her mama. <3

Barbecued Pork Ribs & Belly. Yummm!

Thai spring rolls with glass noodles. I had to stop at 6 coz my lunch companions were staring at me already. :P

Red velvet goodness! <3 

Ria has a collection of lovely themed plates & accessories. She’s really one fun lady. <3

I don’t know what this is called. But it tasted (smelled) like a flower.

Poshness all the way! ;)
Ria’s limited edition Nespresso maker from Shanghai Tang which we enjoyed with dessert. Too bad I gulped mine down without having taken a shot beforehand.

We miss you dearly, Teree!!
See you soon. :-*

And as is the custom when lunching with these classy ladies, we have lootbags galore..

Painstakingly arranged by Reg, another domesticated goddess.

Reg’s brass neckpiece by IMSON JEWELLERY which I was lusting over & wanted to grab off her neck. <3 I love all her accessories. She’s really my fashion & beauty guru!
I’ll ask her to guest blog one of these days to feature her great sense of style.

Reg is really the queen of accessories & style! She bought this dress online from seektheuniq where they have incredible unique pieces & clothing.

Sa totoo lang. Minsan nahihiya akong sumama sa kanila kasi sobrang soshal  creatures sila habang ako mukhang sea creature lang! @_@

What we pooled together & gave to one another..

Tried sneaking off with this beautiful potted poinsettia but it was too big to hide under my shirt! :P
Pardon my stringy hair. I was sweating profusely in spite of the air-conditioning system.
I hate peri-menopausaling! Lagi ako mukhang basang sisiw! <!–3

Thank you so much, Ria, for always including me in all your girlfriend activities & lunches. It really means a lot to me that you never fail to embrace me into your fold. Thank you too for the wonderful, wonderful lunch that you have earnestly prepared for us. I know it’s no small feat what you’ve assembled from the decor and the set-up to the cooking.

By the time this post comes out the holidays & merry-makings are over, but I wish you & your family a joyous & prosperous new year filled with God’s love & blessings!! <3

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