Took ate to L.T.O. yesterday & today. I know. 2 days in a row!! Shetness!!! @_@ Yesterday, the system was down. So we just “took” the required drug test. (Ate: “Mommy, how do I pee in a cup???” –too funny for words!!!)

Today, we went back again for the picture-taking. Only to find out that ate can’t get her license for another month coz I forgot to renew her student’s permit. SHETNESS!!!

Saw this post. L’dMAO!!! :P

Really now???
So why is the line still sooooooo lonnngggg???
In spite of our “fixer”, we still had to wait for 2 hours. Geeeez louise! @_@

Arrrggggghhhhh!!! Only in the Philippines!!! @_@

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