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L.E.S. Bagels

We were caught in an unexpected heavy traffic after a downpour on the last leg of our Antipolo Foodtrip. Our dinner plan at Balaw-Balaw Exotic Restaurant in Angono Rizal was cancelled for fear of getting stuck up East & we painfully & slowly traveled crawled 2 hours coming back to Manila. Boo!

Ate has been wanting to eat at L.E.S. Bagels for the longest time, so to thank her & my Lovey for coming with me & taking care of me the whole day, I decided to spring a surprise on them & took them to Lower East Side Bagels for a light dinner before heading home the last few kilometers of our journey.


L.E.S. Bagels New York Deli + Bakery

Tuscany Estates, Upper Mckinley Road, McKinley Hill, Taguig (02) 804-0423
I love carbs, especially chewy bread. And I love cream cheese, so this was a very welcome treat for me as well. We excitedly chose 4 kinds of cream cheese spreads to eat there, and whatever is left, to take home..





photo 2


Bacon Cheddar in a Bagel 180 php. Tub Serving: Small 160 Medium 300 Large 480 ;  Garlic and Chive in a Bagel 140 php. Tub Serving Small 120 Medium 260 Large 420


My Lovey’s Garlic & Chives on White Sesame Bagel 40 php.


Which she munched on in delight! :))


Sundried Tomato and Basil in a Bagel 180 php but we got the tub serving to take home what we can’t finish: Small 160 Medium 300 Large 480 ; LOX in a Bagel 280 php. Tub Serving: Small 260 Medium 540 Large 950


Ate’s LOX (cream cheese with smoked salmon) on Black Russian Bagel 40 php (pumpernickel with white sesame seed).



My Sundried Tomato & Basil on another Black Russian Bagel 40 php  (pumpernickel with white sesame seed).




Pesto Pasta 80 php & Macaroni Salad 50 php. Both medium servings.




I wanna go back next time to try their more elaborate bagel sandwiches. <3

Anyway, do you know what happens when my girls are overly full?? Non-stop babbling in the car! :P CLICK HERE to watch their silliness! They always keep me happy, entertained, and smiling. I love my girls so very much. <3

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