Krispy Kreme

I love surprising my kids. They are so grateful with whatever I come up with, but most especially with food haha. We are such foodies at heart! <3

Today, I thought of getting them Krispy Kreme from the newly opened branch in our area for meryenda

Chocolate iced custard filled,
New york cheesecake,
Chocolate cream cake with oreo,
Chocolate iced,
Chocolate iced with sprinkles,
Powdered strawberry filled
Hershey’s special dark chocolate,
Caramel creme crunch,
Soccer doughnut,
Hershey’s cookies & creme,
Peanut butter & creme,
Snickers classic
They’re always oh so hungry after school.
Nomnomnom… :)
Powder-coated lips! :)
Lovey’s favorite, cookies & creme!
and my new york cheesecake! <3
Is KK a bit pricier than Go nuts Donuts ???
Tastes the same to me actually, but the kids beg to differ! :P

I’m happy when my kids are happy. <3 Tomorrow, I have another surprise for them, I’ll take them out for dinner someplace we haven’t been to. Hmmmnnnn, time to plan!!! ;)

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