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My college BFF Joy just made my day! :) She knows I HEART Kris, so she arranged for us to go on a studio tour & live show of Kris TV!!! Thank you so so so much, Joy!!! <3 And thank you Nancy, for sinking to our level hehe & watching with us!!! ;P And of course for the yummy lunch treat. Sa uulitin!!! ;))

Here are some of our photos, what a memorable day! :)

Just had to do it! ;)) In front of the PBB house!
(And Biggest Loser background –I’m not part of that ha! :P)
Had breakfast at Gram’s Diner.
Slept at 12mn & woke up at 3am, super excited! Only for KRIS!!! @_@
Had to be at the studio before 7:30 for the studio tour.
Joy got us V.I.P. access. Yay!!! :)
Inside studio 10, the biggest in ABS-CBN (?) I really wasn’t listening, hahaha! :P
We are SO jejeje!!! :P
Posed with the cadet guests for Showtime!!
And.. gotta have another picture at The Price is Right studio!

Finally!! We got to the Kris TV studio.
This is just outside Kris’ dressing room.
Notice the row of shoes (from shubizz by Figlia) she will choose from for her show!!! @_@
With the guards.. sucking  up to them so we can enter already!!! @_@
Sam (the guard on the left) is actually cute ha, hehehe! ;P
You have to admit.. I look pretty (& thin) in this picture. Harharhar! ;)
I love, love, love this sunflower chair!!! <3
The geometric shoe Kris decided to wear for the show..
Looks uber hard & uncomfortable to walk in!!
Idiot board.. & the idiot ??? hehehe! LOL jk! :P
Her guests for the day.. Azkals!
The guy in white is the team captain.. I don’t know his name, sorry.
Sample of their “juggling skill”! :P
I heart Kris! <3
A picture with KRIS!!! YAY!!! m/
I do admit though, that SHE IS NOT A WARM PERSON! Even though she looks so friendly here.
Do not be deceived!
She didn’t even take the time to chika with us. Wala lang! @_@
But still, I love her nontheless!
And she’s soooo pretty!!! <3
With another guest, a Boxer.
Again, sorry, I don’t know his name.
Mr. M
This guy I know, hehehe! :P
Photo op with 3 of the azkals.
Nancy treated us to Kimpura after for lunch! We were all so hungry (& thirsty) by this time!
 Yumyumyum!!! <3
Thank you Nancy!! :-*
This is SOOOOOO yummy & fresh!!! <3
I heart anything teppan!!!

Fried Rice..
Beef & seafood teppan combo. Nomnomnom!!! <3
Just for me! :) We had 1 each on top of the sushi! <3
Our free dessert! ;)
But this is where we had our REAL dessert! :P At UCC!
Yummy coffee parfait!
and japanese cheesecake. We split this into 3. We were too full already! @_@
chocolate mousse, anyone?

You know, I often hear stories of how Kris is a brat & a snob. I didn’t realize how true it was until I got to see her in action myself. OMG!!! She is the world’s #1 brat ever!!! I swear! @_@

When we spotted her in the dressing room as her make-up artist was finishing her make-up, I wanted to take a stolen shot, but was warned by the guard na “magagalit si madam” and I had to ask permission first.

Then, as she came into the studio, she was serious-faced & only acknowledged her audience when the camera started rolling. This went on throughout the show. She would only look animatedly at the audience when the camera was rolling. There was no rapport. Maybe because she thought all of us in the audience were mga dugyot, hahaha! ;))

On her way out, we asked the guard, who asked her assistant, who asked her, if we can have a picture taken for posterity. She headed to us and said: Taga-saan kayo? Wala lang? OK -click- Bye! WTF??? She couldn’t spare 1 whole minute to chika with us? Let me tell you, there were only 5 of us who took the VIP tour ha. It’s not as if we were a lot! @_@

But I guess that’s the way she is. You gotta love her or hate her. And snob & cold as she is, I do love her! :P

All in all, I really had a great day. And I wanna thank my 2 wonderful friends for giving me another memory to last a lifetime. I love you guys! :-*

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