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A few days before Christmas, the kids took their yayas to the mall for a shopping spree & lunch. Just a small token & show of love for the service they receive from their caregivers the whole year through. I must have done something right in raising these kids of mine. <3 They have giving hearts.

Nagpaalam kami kay Kap a week in advance so he can take care of the lolas, locked up the house, and left for a fun day of shopping & eating! \m/

Of course there was also cash gift from me so they can come back anytime & shop without us hovering around, but it was a nice bonding activity with the kids in tow this first time around. <3

Fashion consultants for a day, the kids took their yayas shopping. 3 items each, any item that catches their fancy, para swakto sa budget ng mga bata. ;) The yayas inherit most of the kids clothes, but of course it’s nice to have something new.

The kids are all generous & thoughtful, but my Bae has the biggest heart among the 3. She picked some items for the lolas’ yayas as well, and her yaya’s daughter who is in the province. She also asked me drive her around to look for her favorite street vendors like the man in crutches selling ice cream, and a hunchback lola selling rags along Daang Hari, to give them angpaos. This girl of mine really has a big heart, and I can’t be any prouder that she would willingly share her blessings. <3

Their plan was to treat their yayas to a buffet lunch at Sambokojin first, then shop at Forever 21. But unfortunately, the line was tooooo long at the restaurant. They already finished shopping and STILL we were on waitlist, kaloka. So nvm. Ang daming pwedeng kainan noh, hmp.

We were hoping that Four Seasons Hotpot would already be operating in Southmall by then. I guess we would just have to take a rain check on that. Ok lang, for New Year naman, Sana bukas na!

The kids wanted their yayas to have a special lunch, not just at any run of the mill burger or pizza joint which is why they thought of buffet in the first place. So they decided on Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen instead. Chinese food & fly lice. Wala talaga akong kawala pati sa mga bata.

Always cooking for us & serving, this is one time they can just sit back, relax, eat, and share stories. <3

Our cook makes the best Filipino dishes so we thought Chinese food naman for a change. Saka baka sakaling makuha nya ang sikreto ng Luk Foo at magaya ang lasa hehe. ;P

We had a grand time catching up, we really should do this more often. <3

Dear Yayas, this is just a very small token compared to what you give us day in & day out. Thank you so so much for the love & care you shower on our family. More than a decade together, sana magsama-sama pa tayo ng matagal na panahon. At sana wag kayong ma-pirate ng mga kapitbahay, hehe!

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. So a BIG thank you, for all that you are, for all that you do. We love you! :-*


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