Krazy Garlic (Back to School – Totoo na!)

Brought the 2 kids to their first day of school today. Everything is sparkling & brand new. New shoes, new bags, new uniforms.. and best of all, they have a chance for a new life, a do-over. That’s all I ever wanted for them from the start. To EXPERIENCE high school life the best way they can. Have friends, lots & lots of them. Have proms, have clubs. Have a canteen, for goodness sake! :)

Mah bebe loves!! <3
The superfriends kids are complete under 1 roof! :P
I should have enrolled them in a big school from the start. I’ve always been a control freak so I thought a small school would be better, and I could keep an eye on them. I’ve always been afraid to let them go so I’ve coddled & shielded them the best that I can… from the bad, but also from the good. It is only now that I’m slowly realizing how I put them in such a small box by doing so. But no regrets. They are who they are now because of their foundation from their old school, so I hope they will carry what morals, ethics, & principles they have learned and use it for self advancement & enhancement in their big new school.

Their first day brought out a mixture of jumbled emotions in me. Worried -that they might not make friends right away & not have someone to eat with during lunch. Anxious -that they’ll have the wrong kind of friends & get mixed with the “bad” crowd. Excited -that finally they have a chance at a normal high school life. Happy -that they will be exposed to so many school activities that will help them develop & grow. Mixed emotions. I can only hope & pray that I am doing right by them.

To celebrate (or mourn) their last day of freedom, I treated them last friday to a “prisoner’s last meal” at Krazy Garlik, lels. I ordered food like there’s no tomorrow. And we all finished every single morsel, to my astonishment! I know dates like these will be far & in between now that they’re back in school, so the nurturing mommy in me wanted to fill them up with nourishment before I let out out into the big bad world. :P

I used my Bistro Premiere 40% off voucher which got me a 1,200 php discount. Yay! m/
Cocktail by the Liter 225 php
Orange Kiss. Just for me! :P 
40 Kloves Chicken (whole)  695 php
3 words.. We. Loved. It. <3
KG Veggies 285 php. 
Crispy Pata 695 php
All bones, very little meat. NOT sulit. Sayang, I loved the crispy, crunchy skin!
Sesame Beef 250 php. Yummy to the last bite! <3
Tuna Belly 425 php
Hara Kiri Rice 375 php
Loved every spicy morsel! <3
Yay the kids are complete! <3
Happy mommy.
Crepe Dynamite 395 php
Catalana 195 php
I didn’t care much for the candied garlic on top.
There was an overall taste of garlic seeping within the brulee as well which I didn’t appreciate in this dessert. Too bad..
Apple Tart 225 php
Yum. <3

Even as I write, I can’t help but feel anxious as to how their day is going. I’m really really hoping that they are having the best time of their lives & making tons of new (good) friends. The only thing holding me back from going back to their school now is that I am left with no car.. Kap made sure of that! Boo! Buzzkill! :P

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