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Korea Day 5

Weather forecast for today is rainy, so we chucked our original plans for Day 5 & re-routed to the Hundai Premium Outlets instead. Thank goodness for rainfalls & showers hehe. I get to RELAX & have a chill day. Plus it’s a national holiday (Memorial day) so the city will for sure be crawling with peeps. Better to hide out momentarily in the suburbs.

June 6 forecast: Cloudy with a chance of memorial meatballs. ;)

Kap & the kids always tease me that when it’s a mall, I seldom get tired. But when it’s educational & historical tours, papasok palang ng gate umaangal at hinihingal na ako. :P What can I say? I’m an indoor/airconditioner type of girl through & through. One fieldtrip per country is more than enough for me. After a while sa totoo lang, they begin to look the same especially the palaces, gardens, churches & temples.

Before we start our day, ootd shot again outside our apartment. :P Nagtataka siguro yung mga locals kung bakit tuwang-tuwa kami magpapa-peechur in front of this sculpture lol. Wala lang.

Pero itong babaeng ito, mas matindi. Agree? ;)) Kung may tinatawag na instagram jowa, aba dapat meron ding instagram seester hehe. Pati si lolo naaaliw kina Ate, ayaw lang pahalata!

Because there is a Nike and Adidas store & some other brands that Kap patronizes at Hyundai, he agreed to our outlet request. But not before he told us to “behave”. Fair warning. Suggestion lang naman yan diba? Hindi mandatory at kailangang sundin? Lels.

Hyundai Premium Outlets is a happy mix of high & mid-end brands. Can I tell you a secret though? Imma behave today & not buy anything coz I have something far faaaar better in mind for me before the end of this trip, mwahaha. Humanda ka Kap! ;P

Hyundai Premium Outlets

South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Gimpo-si, Gochon-eup, 아라육로152번길 100 +82 31-812-2233

Oh my honey, if only you know what’s in my mind, I don’t think you can smile that wide. ;P

Housing multiple brands and showcasing the latest fashion trends, the Hyundai Premium Outlet Gimpo consists of 230 premium brands.

We always get home so late & get to sleep morning na, we wake up late too & leave our apartment by noon – just in time for lunch. Kaya kainan muna before anything else. :P Masaya si Kap kasi laging brunch, nakakatipid sya ng isang meal per day, zOMG. #kapitankunat 

The ground floor of the outlet is mostly occupied by luxury brands and several restaurants. But you know Kap, the foodcourt it is for the hungry GOppets. @_@ It’s actually not bad ha & offers a large choice of korean and foreign dishes at reasonable prices.

They seem to think so. ;)

Admittedly, food is a bit more expensive in Korea compared to other asian countries. We averaged around 500 php in the food court for each of our set meal.

Umuwi kaming mga luhaan from the outlet store though. The shops (Gucci, Burberry, Valentino, Chloe, Balhmain) are not as fascinating as the ones in Europe na nagkalat lahat ng premium brands at more than 50% off at mej bago-bago pa ang season. The wares at Hyundai Premium Outlets are pitiful, super last last last season at iilang piraso lang meron for the bags & shoes. Even the boys weren’t able to find anything to their liking. Kap was secretly happy, I’m sure! @_@ Pinagdasal nya ito hehe.

Pagoda, especially with the gloomy bedroom weather. Zzzzzzz. But Ate perked up considerably after our long trip back. Nakapahinga. BTS, photoshoot pa more! :P

But before going home, and to perk up my disappointed spirit, I parked myself at Godiva Chocolate Shop & wallowed in chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolates while the kids went off to look for things to buy.

My kryptonite. :'(  Pamatay sa mahal na Godiva Truffles (16 pcs – 200 php/pc. pak ganeren, huhuhu) 67,000 won (3,000 php). And Milk chocolate biscuits 15,000 to nibble on as I waited for my brood.

Fact: Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. I’m so glad I got the best bunch of people in mine. <3

The girls joined me after a while empty-handed as well & got the white chocolate strawberry soft serve 6,300 won to soothe their souls. ;)) Buti nalang dumating agad sila, I was about to go on rampage mode & buy more boxes of yummy chocs!

A detour before we end our day for the special request ni Bunso. Our Bae is very choosy with clothes. She has unlimited clothing allowance, I don’t really give them a ceiling. But my kids are wise shoppers. They only buy what they really like, and not just for the sake of buying & spending. Nakakatuwa ran naman, which is why I trust their spending power & judgement.

Bae, who has gone home mostly empty-handed the past few days, has a couple of Korean brands on her list. So of course when she made a request for a special detour that night, we couldn’t say no. Gow agad-agad! ;) One of the local stores she wanted to visit was located in Hongdae. Hongdae is near Hongik University, after which it is named. It is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainments (Hipster baga!).


마포구 서교동 334-10 츄홍대플래그쉽스토어 Seoul, South Korea +82 1544-1776

Chuu’s sassy selection with a flirtatious tone was quick to top the charts of online shops in Korea. Their collection is full of things every girl craves, from vivid color skater dresses to sensual bodycon dresses. Of course, my girls will never lag behind when it comes to fashion. :P CLICK HERE to see a sample of their fashion line. <3

And whadya know, the Style Nanda flagship store was right across! I strongly suggest that you visit both Style Nanda stores (in Myeongdong & Hongdae) as they have very different vibes. Girls.. shop-til-you-drop ang forever motto hayz. Meanwhile, the old farts are happy to just sit & wait. Beats having to follow them around, lol.

After forever and a day at kumakalam na sobra ang sikmura ko, we finally left for a kbbq dinner, hooray! I’ve been missing koryan bbq dinners kasi nga Kap has been after the chicken since we got here.

Dally So

346-45 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea +82 2-334-2234

Dally So offers you an extensive menu of protein: 61 on menu stands for beef, 71 for pork, and 81 for chicken.

There are also a wide range of side dishes for order. Located on Hongdae’s famous ‘meat street’, Dally So is unexpectedly popular with customers filling almost every table. <3 Customers are required to each pay 2,000 won for the banchan (side dishes) which includes unlimited red rice & veggies for the BBQ. All well & good considering we were very happy with the generous portion.

Apparently the Assorted Beef (39,000 won for 1.2kg) & Half Assorted Beef (29,000 won for 600g) are the most popular. These 2 combined were perfect for our takaw family of 5. They also offer Sirloin (20,000 won for 400g), Ribs (20,000 won for 400g), Outside Skirt (26,000 won for 400g) and Marbled Beef (20,000 won for 400g).

I suggest you start eating from the thinly sliced beef on the left & finish off with the enormous thick chunk on the other end for a good build up. Admittedly though, we all enjoyed the chunkier meats over the thin, fatty ones, but hey they were all good.

And cook your beef medium rare. The first round of beef, we ate them well-done, but then we wisened up teehee & decided to go with a bit raw in the center. Omnomnom, LHAV in every bite! <3

It was a somewhat easy day today. I’m sure tomorrow pagbabayarin ako ng mga ito. @_@ I’m scared, very very scared. :P

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  • Reply med

    How did you discover these shops (like the CHUU)? Researching online takes a lot of time, kudos to you and your girls! If I’ll go back to Korea, kokopyahin ko itinerary niyo and gagawin kong reference ang blog mo, haahahaha!!! Thank you for always sharing your experiences and honest opinion. So helpful.

    August 14, 2017 at 10:41 am
    • Reply Jane Go

      Hay naku meding itong mga girls basta shopping magaling maghanap, kahit pa sa kasuluk-sulukan ng mundo at wala sa mapa, mahahanap nila lol. ;))

      August 14, 2017 at 12:58 pm
  • Reply Erika

    Mas maganda daw mag outlet shopping sa Japan (Malamang na research na ng kids yan!). Hindi ako nakapag Hongdae pero sa may Dondaenum, ang daming magaganda at murang damit. 24hrs pa syang open

    August 15, 2017 at 4:32 am
    • Reply Jane Go

      I’m so excited for the outlet shopping in Japan woohoooooo!! Meanwhile, si Kap naka xanax na hahahahaha! ;))

      August 15, 2017 at 6:40 am

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