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Korea Day 1

Hello friends, I’m baaaack. Did you miss me? <3 Pardon the katamaran. My creative juices simply refused to flow ever since we came back from the land of Kimchi, lol. Yan ang hirap kapag nagbabakasyon eh, even the mind goes blank. Anyway, I gave myself a deadline, forced my mind to cooperate, and finally started on our Korean adventure (and misadventures), so here we gooooo. I hope you’ll enjoy my chikaskwentos! :-*

Are you ready for a kwela koreanovela series featuring the GOppets? ;))

Briefer: Korea is in northeast Asia and became a country in 918. In 1948, it split into two countries: North Korea and South Korea. North and South Korea and their allies fought against each other in the Korean War.

South Korea has over 48 million people, and North Korea has more than 23 million. South Korea’s biggest city is Seoul, the capital of South Korea. The city has more than 10 million people and the region of Seoul has more than 21 million people. North Korea’s biggest city is Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. It has fewer than 4 million people.

Korean people speak Korean. Many people in South Korea study English and other languages in school. Korea is famous for its traditional food kimchi. 

Day 1. Our flight was scheduled at 3 in the afternoon. But morning of June 2, our departure date, I woke up to a dreadul news -NAIA was on lockdown because of the masaklap na kaganapan at the neighboring Resorts World Manila, omg! I really thought we wouldn’t be able to fly out anymore because of THIS.

Thank God the desperate gunman finally gave up his fight & everything was contained & sorted out. Anyareh pare? What is the world coming to? @_@

I assumed we will just take a small carry-on luggage each coz.. KOREA. What will we buy there, right? WRONG. Apparently, Korea is a shopping haven, take my word for it. Kulang pala ang tig-1 malaking maleta sa amin, pramis! @_@ Good thing the kids took their own initiative & brought big half-empty luggages in spite of my advice to carry light, lol. And Kap, knowing us, wisely brought 2 foldable luggages as his emergency back-up for his shopaholic family. ;))

Plane ride took 4 hours to reach Incheon, South Korea. We made sure to book the bulkhead seats way ahead of time coz Kap has panic attacks when confined in small spaces. As in FULL panic mode on, yung tipong magmamakaawang lumabas ng eroplano. Kalurkey.

Arrived with the moon shining brightly but apparently, Korea is a night city, so everything was still open even at 9 pm. 

Super appreciated the bulkhead seats, extra pay but so worth it the 4 hours we were on air. Btw, guess who were on board with us via CebuPac? Akalain mo yon? Nagba-budget fare din pala ang mga superstars? ;) Isabel Daza & her mom, former Ms. U Gloria Diaz, were among the passengers Korea-bound. Gloria asked me pointblank what places I recommend they visit.. uhmm.. it’s also my first time in Korea? LMAO.

When I first got hold of my share of Korean money, I was SO HAPPY! Aba, ang dami ko namang pera? Good mood ba si Kap my Kap? Naging instant milyonarya ako! Yun pala, pagpapanggap lang. :P Ang isang libong won, katumbas 43 pesos lang. Ahuhuhu. Kay sakit, kuya Eddie!

Back home, Ate was able to secretly book us a taxi limo so we didn’t have to worry about our ride to the bnb, thank goodness for that! Kamot ulo si Kap coz it cost 80,000 won (3,500 php) for a one-way, one-hour trip to the city. Eh kesa magpagulong-gulong kami with our maletas disoras ng gabi. 

Again, thank you Ate for your initiative of pre-booking a ride to the apartment. :-* I have a great fear of being mugged in a foreign country. Although in fairness, mukhang safe naman ang Korea, my impression from the short time we were there. Sobrang kampante ang kalooban namin unlike in Europe na takot agad kami pagsapit ng gabi hehe.

We were cooped up for so long in the plane as well as in the taxi that we had so much pent up energy after our ride. We decided to walk around a bit to stretch our legs after dropping off our luggages, and checked out our neighborhood before having dinner. Stores open at 11 am so we didn’t worry about ending our first day close to midnight, sleeping in way after the Korean cock crows, and starting our 2nd day late.

For our first meal, syempre naman, Korean BBQ all the way! After going around our neighborhood, we finally settled on this restaurant. Mukhang masaya sya at maaliwalas, so we went inside to fill our growling tummies.

I was complaining pa, how uncomfortable naman the seats. Yun pala, may purpose! Voila, it opens up & doubles as storage for your bags to prevent it from smelling like Korean stew & bbq the whole week. Magaling, magaling, magaling! ;)

The owner was so kind to assist his clueless customers on how to cook the CORRECT way. All along ang yabang ko, having my own griller at home, feeling expert na ako hehe. Oist, may ganito pala? Pwedeng ihawan ng itlog?! Instant omelette. Boss, pabili nga ng isa para maiuwi ko?

Taking his cue from the owner-slash-cooking-sensei, my Babyson tries his hand & acts as our chef for the night. ;) Saraaaap naman ng luto mo, anak! :-*

Walked off our heavy meal of meat, meat, and more meat after that very filling dinner. Takot bangungutin. ;)) Ended off with ice cream from the 24-hour convenience store located on the ground floor of our building.

The bnb Ate chose for this trip is ideal because of its location -just a few steps away from the subway. And right beside it, occupying the very same building, is a 24-hour convenience store. O yes, hindi nagsasaraAlam nya kasi takot akong mawalan ng tubig ever. :P That’s my main concern whenever we’d travel. “BILI MUNA TAYO NG TUBIG!” ;)) Plus a bakery next door pa so pwede ang pang-mabilisang breakfast kinabukasan.

Also, we had a “concierge” right below so if we needed to ask someone, there he is! ;) Sure, there’s a strong language barrier, but nothing that google translate can’t fix teehee.

My only gripe is that the apartment is reeeaally tight for a family of 5. Lokong Bok yan ah, sabi kasya ang 8 pax. 8 dwarfs maybe! @_@

Bok was really friendly & helpful. He assisted Ate in booking a taxi limo to pick us up from the airport and answered all her queries. He also gave us welcome drinks & snacks which we found on the kitchen counter upon arrival, and a pocket wifi that we could take along daily on top of the fixed wifi in the apartment.

Naturally, Kap & I got the bed kasi matanda na kami. The girls naman got the sofa which, when opened up, leaves only 2/3 of the couch sleepable -if that. The remaining 1/3 side is made of wood which made it very hard & uncomfortable to sleep on. That left my Babyson with just piled up duvets to sleep on in the spare room meant as a dining room. Kawawang bata. I wanted to buy him a mattress the next day kaso alam nyo naman itong si Kap my Kap, umiral na naman ang matagal na nyang sakit, hay naku! Magtiis daw ng konti. @_@ This pad is definitely NOT for a family of 5, more so 8 as advertised. 2-3 maximum.

Goodnight for now, tryin’a sleep in our uber crowded apartment. But I’m happiest when we’re in close confines because the kids are just a stretch away. Them, I can never get enough of. <3

(Yep, I maintained a daily diary on my phone while we were away so I don’t forget our activities to share with you later on -which is now. So please treat this as real-time, lol.) 

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