Kokoro Ramenya

Finally, our U.S. visa renewal pushed through yesterday with no glitch whatsoever this time! m/ And the crowd was much smaller too, so YAY! :)

Waited for my brood at army navy right across the embassy. I have never sat on a more uncomfortable chair in my entire life than I had then & there.

Can you imagine fitting my HUGE a$$ in this teeny tiny seat? @_@

Boy was I jumping up & down in happiness as I saw my brood along the footbridge coming back. My 2-hour waiting ordeal in that hellish chair was over! ;P

BTW, thank goodness for the footbridge! Would have been a nightmare crossing that boulevard! I don’t know why they won’t allow applicants to be let out at the embassy! :(

The light at the end of my tunnel was lunch at Kokoro Ramenya above army navy. My hunny bumped into an old friend, who owns the new ramen house, so we decided to give it a try.

My hungry gators <3

Spicy tuna sashimi x2, 510 php
Gyoza x2, 310 php
Shoyu 235 php 
Hakata classic 325 php
Miso ramen 245 php

My hunny, ever on the lookout for a great deal, had the set lunch..

Lunch set menu choice of 1 ramen & 1 rice topping + 1 drink.
Not a bad deal at all.
My hunny’s lunch set: miso ramen (lunch size) & Gyudon donburi (lunch size) 295 php
While I chose the spiciest ramen on the menu..
Gekikara ramen 275 php

We liked the ramen. Although they serve other wonderful japanese dishes as well, if you’re not the ramen type. Do try it out the next time you’re in the area.

Had I known ahead of time Ken owned a cool, cozy place just above army navy, I would have gladly whiled my time away there. Oh well, next time! ;)

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