Kitchen’s Best

Kap & I had an LQ one monday morning. He invited me to go to manila with him the night prior because he had some chores to do for his shop & wanted me along. I was okay with it -we always get to bond & talk in the car because of the long trip. Plus he promised me a lunch date. So I woke up early & got dressed.


There was this sucky car that he was selling for a friend which we were supposed to ride going to manila so people can see it with all the contact details. The problem was the car charger wasn’t working & my phone was lowbatt. That CAN NOT BE! How will the kids reach me?? So I refused to ride it & he left me on the street in front of our house. Ang arte ko daw hehe. Para kaming bata di ba?? Ang liit na bagay!


So long story short (actually that is already the WHOLE story), I went back to the house & ate saw me on her way out to school. I was all dressed up with nowhere to go so she decided to stay home & take me out for lunch! #perksofacollegestudent


Because we had her driver for the day, we had a nice lunch in Serendra, and dessert here after..




Kitchen’s Best

G/F McKinley Park Residences Condominium, 3rd Avenue cor. 31st St.Fort Bonifacio, Taguig(02) 478-4870




Ate knows just about all the nicest places to visit. This lovely cake shop brightened up my disposition considerably.


Too bad the gingerbread men weren’t for sale. Ibato ko sana kay Kap for leaving me, lels!



Just look at the posh yet relaxing interiors! <3 Now this is MY kind of place. Warm, REGAL with a bit of fun, & inviting!




Kitchen’s Best had so many wonderful & award-winning cakes to choose from. I didn’t know what to get with the cake police right beside me telling me sternly that I can only choose one! Bah Humbug! :P Killjoy!



Kitchen’s Best cakes are mostly AWARD WINNING & stars in their own right:

* Purple Yam Cake (Gateau Por Mon Pere/Cake for my Father)) – 20 best dessert by Philippine Daily Inquirer 2011

* Chocolate Obsession – 2008 Best Desserts, Lifestyle Manila Bulletin

* White Chocolate Macadamia Brittle Cheesecake – 24 Best Desserts Awardee 2009 Lifestyle Inquirer

* Banana Toffee Pie – 10 Best Home-made desserts, Food magazine 2005

* Mango Sansrival – Best Mango Sansrival, Food Magazine 2001

* Mango Royale (Mango Walnut Torte) – Best Desserts in Town, and Yummy magazine October 2011





They also had this in stock. But none of us are speculoos fans, too bad.
This photo & the one above belongs to Kitchen’s Best.



Can I also, pretty pretty please, be on your wall??? ;)) I LOVE CAKE KAYA!!



My Chocolate Obsession. There may be new & exciting flavors out there, but at the end of the day, there is always comfort in good old chocolate cake! <3



With my gorgeous unexpected date! ;)



And because it was my babyson’s special someone’s 16th birthday, we bought her favorite mini cake..




Strawberry Torte <3


He was so busy the whole week preparing for the big day that he forgot to buy a cake! :P
Oh diba? Grabe maka-effort ang binata ko.
And can I just tell you? HE SO DID NOT GET IT FROM HIS DAD!
Malaki pa sa akin si Teddy!




By the way his special someone was smiling, I can tell my babyson earned some extra pogi points! ;))



Thank you so much ate for spending the day with me & amusing me all day long. And thank you too, Honey for leaving me, ayan nakakain tuloy ako ng sosyal at masarap sa Sariwon & Kitchen’s Best! :P


Of course we made up by day’s end. May kasabihan.. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry. Hindi ka matutunawan! ;P



The best part of every lover’s quarrel is the kissing & making up after..
Mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah!!!
I love you my Honey! :-*


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