Kirin Szechuan Dining

Since most of the pageant organizers & higher level candidates (juniors) have a late/evening schedule, ate has to wait 4 hours from her dismissal time to pageant practice session. It’s not a big deal for most, pero talagang naawa naman ako sa anak ko. </3

Because of me, she has to wait around several hours in school instead of going straight home to relax, have a snack, and study/get ready for the next day’s full activities. Pre-med course is no joke, my friends. Ang kakapal ng libro nila! @_@

From the start, she really didn’t want to join. Ako lang talaga yung mapilit -sayang ang opportunity, I insisted. She already told me about the busy & conflicting schedule if she were to go through with it, but I said to endure it since it’s just for a week or so. She joined to please ME. She’s one obedient daughter that’s why I really love her so.

Yesterday, as I was looking at her while she was studying, waiting for the pageant rehearsal, my heart melted. What am I subjecting my daughter to? Isn’t it enough that she has to suffer traffic & long commute to & from school weekdays that I still pushed her for extra-curricular activities? For what?

The least I could do was to be with her & accompany her on the days that she has to rehearse. Ako ang mapilit eh. Even Kapitan K was sore about it. Hindi naman daw si ate pumasok ng UST para kumarengkeng hehe! :P

Since we had 4 hours to kill, and she couldn’t possibly study in the crowded restaurants within the campus, I took her to the nearby Lucky Chinatown Mall. Hitting 2 birds with one stone, I thought. She can study in comfort & eat while we waited.

Frontage of Lucky Chinatown Mall featured chinese lanters.
I wanted a whole body picture sana with the lovely lanterns behind us,
but the guards aren’t allowed to take our photos. :(

We looked for a quiet spot with comfy chairs. This is what we found. Yay! <3

Kirin Szechuan DiningLucky Chinatown Mall

G/F Lucky Chinatown Mall, Reina Regente cor Dela ReinaBinondo, Manila(02) 516-8333

Main Entry:    Szechwan cuisine
Part of Speech:    n
Definition:    a hot, oily, and spicy style of Chinese cooking;also called Szechwan-Hunan cuisine, also written SzechwanSichwanSichuan
Usage:    cooking

Air-conditioned, spacious, quiet restaurant.
And it served SPICY food, our favorite! m/
Jackpot! :)

Uber comfy chairs. We might just camp out here for the rest of the week! ;P 

Tan Tan Mee hot soup. 168 php
Skip this. :| Walang lasa, parang instant mami noodle lang.
Chef’s recommendation: Chicken in Spicy Sesame Sauce. 220 php
Skip this as well, I’m telling you.
Home Style Spicy Squid. 280 php.
Winner! m/
Prawn Chili Szechuan 380 php.
Winner din! :)

Too bad I forgot to take a picture of our dessert. :( It looked somewhat like mango sago except it had pomelo pulp beats & melon incorporated into it. Tangy & sweet, very interesting.

Only 4 more days ate, we can do this!!! ;) Love you!! :-*

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