King Chef LCM

Wednesday, I was back to my mommy duties. 4-hour wait is no joke, so ate & I went to Tutuban to look for hair extensions, since it was my fault ate’s hair got considerably shorter hehe.. I had to pay the price! :P

Hair extensions are not exactly cheap ha! @_@ At least the real-looking ones a.k.a. human hair. 1 thin strand was like 1k! Good thing ate only settled for 2, pang-buntot daw hehe! :P

The curly extensions were too thin, ergo halata.
I hope the straight ones we got instead will do their job! @_@

OMG, it was chaos in divi! I never wanna go back there this time of the year. All pushing, and shoving, and spitting. Although it really is the best place for resources.

Our car was stuck in traffic, so ate & I rode the tricycle-de-padyak (how fun!) And the drivers of course, took advantage of our “innocence” & charged us double (or maybe even triple, who knows?! -only in da Philippines!). When we got to LCM (Lucky Chinatown Mall) for dinner, maitim na pati loob ng ilong namin hahaha! :P

My poor baby was squished by mommy’s giant @$$ hahaha! ;P
If I thought Anderson was a scary driver before, the tricycle drivers made me think again!
Grabe.. feeling superman sila (Men of Steel a.k.a. Capt. Invincible!)
Zigzagging all the way & ditching cars & jeeps left & right.
I don’t think we’ll do that again.. EVER! @_@

The last time we were at LCM, we passed King Chef restaurant & they had a 50% off promo on dimsums from 3-5 pm. So we took advantage of that…

The interiors were nice, you won’t think you were in Divi at all. 
Live Pisces! ;P
Soupy Meat Dumpling 120 php (less 50%)
Siomai 75 php/order (less 30%) 
Fried Prawn Dumpling 140 php (less 50%)
Prawn Fingers 140 php (less 50%)
Bird’s Eye 130 php (less 50%)
Hakaw 140 php/order (less 50%)
Seafood Bundle 120 php/order (less 50%)
Xiao Long Pao (coz the skin was thick like that of a siopao’s) 110 php (less 50%)
Asado Pao 75 php/order (less 30%)
Almond Lychees 70 php
Buchi 70 php/order
Mango Almond 95 php
Mango Almond 95 php 
The boys joined us on our escapade & served as our bodyguards in the jungle that is Divi, hahaha! ;))
Guys make the best friends. Swear! ;)
Walang inggit, walang intriga!

These “afternoon delights” are fun coz we get to bond, experiment & explore. But they sure are making me broke, haha! ;P

Memories to last a lifetime ate.. what we’re are creating! Love you! <3

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