King Bee

Every time we pass by King Bee, my hunny gets curiouser & curiouser. We see it on our way to tagaytay, also along Daang Hari road. He loves anything chinese, so he’s been hinting to sample the food there sooner or later. When FIL’s death anniversary came up (today actually), my hunny treated us out to King Bee. I know right? What a name! @_@ And wait ’til you see the mascot!

Sorry it was raining when we went there for lunch :P
I know right!!! @_@ Comedy! ;))
It’s kinda okay when you get inside though. ;)
In fact, mayor Aldrin & party were occupying a huge function room as we dined.
I liked their jelly fish.. Seaweeds with century egg (medium) 300 php
But was disappointed with their Szechuan shrimps.
The one in the picture had the skin off -we are really a lazy group! ;P
The prawns were crunchy enough, it just wasn’t too sze-chuany for me. 
Honey Lemon chicken (medium) 300 php
Sweet & Sour pork (medium) 330 php
Fish Fillet Beancurd Hotpot (medium) 600 php
Peking duck 3 way 1,800 php
nomnomnom! <3
(1) Wrap
(2) Salt & Pepper
(3) Minced
Brocolli flower in garlic sauce (medium) 330 php
Fruit platter 540 php 

If you’re looking for a not so expensive quick craving fix, then King Bee is good enough. But there are other far better chinese restaurants I can think of. Then again, that’s just me. :)

That’s all folks! ;P

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