My babyson’s PS3 crashed. Again. Actually, this is the first time for his SECOND unit. His first one , I took numerous trips to RUINS to have it fixed. Never-ending. Until it died a natural death & no amount of resuscitating can keep it alive. That’s when the NEW unit came to life. And it lived 8 months until it crashed. Seriously??

This time, the people in RUINS can’t fix it. Ohhhhh nooooo. I had to bring it all the way to greenhills. Yep, life isn’t that easy.

Good thing ate is on a sem break so she was able to keep me company. Normally, I don’t like going to greenhills coz it’s always crowded. But yesterday, it was somewhat tame -thank goodness! Don’t get me wrong. I love greenhills for all the high-tech gadgety & PX stuff they have. Name it, greenhills most probably has it. Hence the crowd.

Had to wait for 5 hours. FIVE HOURS. To have the dang PS3 fixed. To the tune of almost 4k. Oh-em-gee! The culprit? The hard disk drive. So a transplant was necessary -there was no way of avoiding it. Boo!

Meanwhile, ate & I had a scrumptious lunch at Kimpura to make up for the torture of waiting around. Besides, who goes to greenhills & not eat at Kimpura or Gloria Maris? They are the flagship carriers of greenhills, I tell ya! ;P

I loved the sourness of the pickled horse radish! <3 
Loved the tea so much I had TWO teapotfsul! <3
We opted for the teppanyaki table. I mean, Kimpura=Teppanyaki. Obviously! m/ 
I’d love to sit here with the entire family next time. 
Part of our Steak & Prawn Teppan Set 1,400k
(good for 2 – if you’re a light eater. Which we’re not hehe)
Good thing we ordered appetizers! :)
Kimpura Roll 195 php
and Ebi Tempura Maki 250 php
Steak & Prawn Teppan Set 1,400k
Our very own chef! m/

Kimpura Fried Rice, comes with the set.
85 php for an additional cup.

Our Steak & Prawn teppan set.
I suggest you order 1 each.
Too delish to share, the beef was soooo tender & juicy! <3

My portion.. TADA!! 

Oh Kimpura, you have most certainly made our day! <3 You know what else is great about greenhills if you don’t mind the crowd? PERFUMES! They sell it at half the price than that of Rustan’s.

Look at what I found for my Lavnia. She’s been looking for this everywhere & I didn’t think they had it out yet..

Cute bottle. Bought the perfume blindly, we didn’t even know what it smelled like.’
Thankfully, my Lovey liked the smell hehe.
She’s into JB fan mode now & loves anything Beiber! @_@
3,5k in Rustan’s when it comes out. 2.5k in Greenhills.

And of course ate had to get her shopping in too. She finally found the rayban Erika that she’s been coveting. Ever since she saw this online we’ve been scouring all optical stores. Hayz! I’m glad we finally found it. I must say it looks good on her, don’t you think so too?

Rayban Erika in black 8k.

All in all, I’d say we had a very productive day. I hope my babyson’s newly transplanted PS3 makes it another year before it conks out again. Sheeshkabob! @_@

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