Kessaku (Sushi, Ramen & Teppan)

On to our ongoing nth birthday celebration as of last Friday for my Lovey’s 14th birthday Bonanza.

We had lunch at her latest Ramen discovery along Filinvest Avenue here in the South. It was on its soft opening phase, so service was understandably slow. But no complaints on the food. Everything we ordered satisfied our japanese craving that day.

The very empty Commerce Center. I’m so excited with the new restos that are sure to pop up here very very soon! m/ There’s ample FREE parking space at the basement too. Until when it will be free, I’m not sure. ;P

Kessaku is not cheap, Their price is slightly higher than Omakase’s. But the food is excellent. If you have a japanese visitor, you won’t get embarrassed taking them here.

The amuse bouche Kani Salad they gave us. This is L-H-A-V! <3 I wanted to ask for more where this came from! Bitin! :P

Asian Spicy Tuna Roll 285 php

and of course she would go for the gulay -however sprig it may be! :P

Ate’s Symphony 380 php. Layers upon layers of crabstick, spicy salmon, spicy tuna, on a bed of fried sushi rice. zOMG this is a MUST HAVE if you visit Kessaku! <3


Lookit!!! <3 I wanted to order 10 more of these!

Ushi Ebi Tempura Crunch 225 php

Everything was just perfect. But this sushi platter below is the most perfect among all..

Sushi Moriawase 705 php

So perfect that it deserves FIVE photos on this post! <3 Everything was fresh & just oh-so-yummy!

Spicy Tantanmen Ramen. Would have preferred it spicier, but the overall taste is good & it was brimming with assorted fillings. <3

Chicken Teriyaki 235 php with Rice 57 php

Happy birthday over & over baby love!! <3

My playful girls. They find amusement in just about anything! ;)

The very friendly staff. Always a plus point! ;)

This week-long celebration is proving to be so magastos ha! And it’s all Kap’s fault, so huwag siya magulat sa bill namin next month. That’ll teach him not to take any of our birthdays for granted again, lels! :P

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