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Kessaku Revisited

Guia of FOOD REVIEWS MANILA invited me to a japanese lunch with a few other friends at Kessaku a few weeks ago. I love Guia, she’s so simple & down to earth but has substance. I always enjoy talking to her -I feel smart! ;)) She’s naturally shy & quiet but I was lucky to see her wacky & fun side a couple of times too. The secret is to make her just a little bit tipsy haha.



The lovely Guia with Kessaku owner DONNY ELVINA who was so gracious to host our lunch & join us too.


KESSAKU, which means CREATING MASTERPIECE, is sister to YUMI Japanese Restaurant in Greenhills. Boy was I glad I didn’t have to go all the way to San Juan just to get my sushi fix. Kessaku is just a stone’s throw away from Home Sweet Home! ;) And yes indeed, Kessaku creates MASTERPIECES! <3

To read my previous post on Kessaku, CLICK HERE.


Phone: 02 4033445

Address: Ground Floor, Commerce Center, Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City



Salmon Bou Maki 275 php.


Ebi Tempura Crunchy Roll 225 php


Spider Roll 285 php (soft shell crab)


Foie Gras Roll 395 php



Tekka Temaki (tuna) 110 php, California Temaki 120 php, Sake Temaki (salmon) 110 php


Unagi Temaki 187 php, Foie Gras Temaki 210 php, Uni Temaki 110 php, Spicy Tuna Temaki 130 php


Symphony 380 php. Layers upon layers of slimy coupled with crunchy goodness I swear! <3 A MUST HAVE!


If you wanna go for a platter of assorted makis as your appetizer, go for the PARTY TRAY. This is small with 5 kinds of makis 988 php.


8-pc. Ushi Ebi Tempura 650 php. I never knew you could actually dip this in salt & lemon. Works great too!



8-pc. Softshell Crab Tempura 395 php.


What got me even more excited is Kessaku’s HAPPY HOUR! ;) 299 php only for UNLIMITED cocktails of Classic Margarita, Classic Mojito, and what I had, the Lychee Martini. Sushi tastes best paired with cocktails, me thinks. ;) Mas exotic ang flavors!


3 of my favorites in one sitting. Sushi, cocktails, & my Kap. Happiness! <3 Cheers!


Best of both worlds, MIXED KAMAMESHI 450 php.


And as if our carb-loading wasn’t enough, Donny ordered even more rice toppings for us to enjoy. Yup, rainbow was bouncing off me left & right!


Happy, over-fed people! :P I have taken to wearing gartered pants ever since I joined this group. I threw away na all my pants that are not gartered, lels. Si Kap malapit-lapit na rin mag-convert to jeggings!


Crispy Banana & Jackfruit 155 php



Green Tea Tempura Ice Cream 165 php. This, for me, is an acquired taste. I really cannot force myself to like Green Tea. :P


Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee 120 php.


This photo belongs to ZOMATO.


I don’t know what it is exactly that makes me crave for japanese food. But I just can’t get enough of it. I get full quickly with other cuisines, but japanese food? I’m a bottomless pit! :P

Thank you Guia, KESSAKU, and Donny for having us over. Kap had to roll me to the car, but who cares. I was VERY happy! ;)

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