ke$ha Warrior Tour

So it was finally THE day! The day my Lovey had been waiting for with eager anticipation & bated breath.. The day of ke$ha’s Warrior concert! m/

Feeling dalaga at almost 14, she asked that the concert be her birthday gift a couple of months ago. She planned on watching it with her other teeny bopper friends. Aba sinuswerte? If she thought she could go to Araneta with no chaperone, nagkamali siya ng pagpapa-alaman! :P I asked ate to babysit them impronto! Not that she’d be a big help, being a princess herself. But at least at 18 may adult (somewhat) supervision ang not-so-little ladies.

So last thursday, my sweet & reliable ate accompanied the 4 young ladies to the ke$ha concert in Smart Araneta Coliseum.

Knowing that I can’t stand noise of any kind, ate agreed to be the chaperone for the ke$ha Warrior Tour concert. Thank you so much ate!! You have saved me a trip to the ear doctor! :-*

Four giggly happy girls! <3 Dalagita na talaga sila!

At aba nawili ang dalagita. Now she’s asking if they can go to the ZEDD Philippine concert on December 12. ‘Day, masyado ka nang sinuswerte ha. No way. When you turn 18, let’s talk again! :P

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