Katy Perry Party Outfit

As I have mentioned before, ate has been invited to a Katy Perry themed 18th birthday party by a classmate. She’s a year older than most of them so it’s only this year that she’s getting invites to one party after another.

So far, either because of distance, weather, or the need to study extensively for an exam, she has passed on 3 parties for this month alone. All themed too.. a masquerade, a fairy tale, and a vintage-themed all in the merry month of august. Sayang ang mga pinatahing damit!  I feel bad that she has to stay cooped up in the house because of her diligence. My poor baby. </3

Pluma has been our go-to place for all our “dressing up” needs. Ann Chaves always comes up with unique & lovely creations and corroborates nicely with ate that we don’t even shop around for other designers anymore.

For this particular Katy Perry themed party, Ann designed a fun, sparkly outfit in bold red & blue. I mean what more can be fun than those 2 colors right? :)

I can’t wait to show you the finished outfit. Ate has already been fitted for the sparkly top & it turned out really really nice. I’m so excited for the skirt to be finished. But more than that, I’m so happy that ate liked the outcome. She’s really so very hard to please when it comes to clothes & shoes.

And now, for the elusive shoes. The hunt for a red one begins. Again. #backache

What we had for lunch:

I was wondering why our server kept pushing for a yellow chicken instead of a white which I originally ordered. I finally agreed just so we can already eat in peace. When the bill came out, it was TWICE the cost hehe. Kaya naman pala sobrang mapilit yung ale! But it’s okay coz the chicken was plump & juicy. And it’s really my fault for not asking about the price.Yellow Hainanese Chicken (whole) 1488++ php
Wee Nam Kee
My ultimate favorite from this resto which I order every single time.
Sizzling Plate Tofu 285++ php
My gorgeous lunch dates. <3
(Chicken Rice cup 40 php each)

and dessert..

Yummy Mochi Balls 60 php each.

Life is good! <3

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