Kat’s Sweet Surprise!

The other day as I was checking my email, this surprise popped up..

I truly do not know anybody from Cambodia, well except for fellow bloggerΒ Kat Ladicho, and one of Sugar & Spice’s readers -whom I now consider a dear friend as well. Normally, I don’t mind emails (or text messages.. or instagram/facebook friend requests) from people I don’t know -especially coming from the scary male species LELs, but ever since I’ve been getting emails from readers of my blog & I’ve gotten to know them quite a bit, I have become more open & less cautious. :P

The very beautiful & sweet Kat, who currently lives in Cambodia.
Thank you Kat!! Love you!!! :-*
(This picture belongs to Kat Landicho)

I asked Kat first to confirm that this surprise was indeed coming from her. And after verifying that my dear sweet Kat really did send me a very generous & thoughtful gift, I acknowledged the email immediately & arranged for a delivery ASAP. Yes, I was THAT excited haha!

This morning, I received my post-birthday surprise! <3 I love (nice) surprises, thank you so much Kat (& Mark) for making me feel sooo loved & sooo special!!! I feel blessed to be surrounded by people who love me, and who take time & effort to let me know just how much they care for & value me. :)

Heart-shaped butter cookies, Mango macarons.. and CARROT CAKE!! <3
I felt so bad that Mark had to deliver my goodies al the way from Antipolo that I wanted to treat him out to lunch!
But he had another appointment. So I’m hoping I can make it up to him the next time I order.
I really wanna try his brownies & red velvet! <3
Mark’s very moist, very sweet, very delicious Carrot Cake! <3
Thank you Kat!!! :-*
Sobrang sosyal talaga ang delivery ko, hay! m/

Mark Lesaca is a pastry chef who lives all the way from Antipolo & he made this very long trip especially upon the request of my dearest Kat just for me. Now if that doesn’t say SPECIAL, I don’t know what does! <3

The very young, very cute MARK LESACA of F.E.S.
This picture, the one above (portrait), and the one below (logo), ALL belong to F.E.S. patisserie

I’m not sure if Mark’s company F.E.S. does this sort of surprise on a regular basis. I have a feeling this is a one time deal since he & Kat are like childhood friends, and Kat says they conspired about this for a whole week! ;) But do visit his facebook page HEREΒ or email him at fespatisserie@gmail.comΒ (or text/call him at +63906-3168381) He might just work out another surprise delivery for you as well! (This is actually a novelty & he should think about incorporating this as part of his deluxe service. Ang gwapo pa at ang sosyal ng magde-deliver!) Remember, we ladies love NICE surprises! So if you’re looking to WOW your girlfriend or wife, this is surely one way to go about it! :)



FES Patisserie is an online pastry store. We source only quality ingredients, we make every order from scratch, specially made for you.

General Information

FES (Flour, Eggs and Sugar) Patisserie specializes in custom desserts that taste as good as they look.

Pastries supplier to cafes and restaurants.

For your orders, inquiries and questions, you may contact us at fespatisserie@gmail.com

Basic Info

Founded 2008

Location Town and Country Executive Village, Antipolo, Rizal

Products Cheesecake
Cakes – Carrot, Chocolate, Red Velvet,
Brazo de mercedez
and other pastries
Customized Celebration Cakes

Contact Info

Email fespatisserie@gmail.com


I really, really appreciate your sweet gesture, Kat!!! <3 Thank you so much for loving me & making me feel so special. I’ve been smiling non-stop ever since I found out about my surprise to the day Mark came to my doorstep to deliver my gift!!! <3 And thank you so much too, Mark, for coming all the way down south to get the treats to me. A BIG Mwah to you guys!!! :-*
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