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Karen’s Kitchen

One who has the face of a forever young cherub, the voice of a soothing angel, and someone who cooks & prepares all things yummy & heavenly. That’s how I would best describe Karen Estuart Young of Karen’s Kitchen. Armed with these qualities, then she MUST be an angel, right?

Borne out of her passion for baking, Karen finally opened Karen’s Kitchen, a quaint little cafe in Kapitolyo, Pasig early last year after numerous requests were made by her regular guests, clamouring for savoury dishes to be paired with her lovely cakes. We pinoys have a HUGE appetite and I’m afraid dainty sandwiches & tea cakes are just not enough to satisfy our grumbling tummies haha.

If you know me well, then you’d know that I LOVE anything & everything fancy, and quirky, and girly. I’ve been seeing so many beautiful photos of HEART-SHAPED food & fancy-shmancy table setting on my Instagram feed from Karen’s Kitchen that I decided I MUST go & see for myself. Never mind the trek & traffic which for once, I was willing to overlook.

Karen’s Kitchen

17A San Rafael St. corner San Martin St., Kapitolyo, Pasig (02) 696-3332


We are not familiar with the roads in Pasig, but Waze (which, as you know, I have a love-hate relationship going on) came through for us. After an almost 2-hour travel from the South & braving a pre-valentine traffic, a happy yellow cottage came into our view.



Karen’s Kitchen serves afternoon tea! <3 Must go back to take my Mommy for a lovely afternoon of scones & tiny sandwiches. For her. And a heaping of other food items for me, lol. :P



I just have to say, I fell in love with Karen’s Kitchen the moment I laid eyes on the interiors of the whimsical cafe. It so screamed ME! <3 Love can definitely be felt in every corner. Oh, and when you visit, make sure you get to take a peek at this corner that features this 100 year-old Detroit Jewel gas cooking stove. Doesn’t it just scream “HOME SWEET HOME”?



If you want a romantic date, THIS is the place to be. Ladies -for the sensory overload that’s sure to get you in the right mood, and guys.. well you know why they say. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So feed him well at Karen’s Kitchen & you’ll be rewarded haha. Win-win! ;P



Cup & Saucer shandies! <3 What I would give to have one exactly like this in my kitchen. It may even inspire me to LEARN how to cook & bake.



Wow. Karen’s Kitchen has been featured in so many magazines & newspaper publications I totally lost track as I skimmed the wall of fame!



As soon as I saw her, I introduced myself & asked for a photo op. She is even lovelier in person, I was starstruck! <3 It was such a pleasant surprise to find her so warm & accommodating too, considering I must’ve seemed like a crazed stalker, teehee.



Karen saw to her guests personally. Being at Karen’s Kitchen is like coming home after a long, tiring day at work. TLC is oozing from every nook & cranny. And of course, from the lovely host herself.



I couldn’t resist. I just HAD to ask where she got her adorable chandeliers. Too bad these are not readily available in stores as she had them custom-made. I am in love, love, LOVE! And not just with the cafe, or the lamps, or the food. But with Karen herself. It’s so hard not to fall into her charm & grace. <3



Make sure you look not just above, side to side, but also below. Karen has so many surprises in store for her valued guests. Like this table which has a spinning wheel leg.

I saw from Franny’s Instagram post that Karen indulged them in a short repertoire the last time she went, so feeling close (LOL), I asked if she can also perform for me & my girls. I think she saw determination in my eyes -that I wouldn’t leave the Cafe without a musical number, so she agreed to one song. Since it was almost Valentines day, I requested for a ballad, and she did not disappoint. In FRENCH to boot! You MUST ask her to sing for you too when you visit, so you’ll know I’m not exaggerating when I say she has the voice of an angel! Here’s her wonderful rendition of “La Vie en rose” or Life in Pink.

Having my heart & soul satiated, it was time to take care of my tummy -which was already doing all sorts of flip-flops in anticipation..


Where to begin? I’ve never been presented with so many choices before. And I seriously wanted to try each one listed on the board! @_@ Sigh.



Apple Cider Iced Tea 100 php. So refreshing, perfect for a simmering afternoon.



Kale & Sweet Potato Chips with Balsamic Vinaigrette 195 php. Ate got us started with this healthy appetizer of kale with baked sweet potato dipped in balsamic vinaigrette. I didn’t know I’d like Kale! Yaaay for new discoveries! \m/



I just have to say, not only are the dishes at Karen’s Kitchen so pretty, but incredibly YUMMY too! It’s happiness in every bite. We Goppets gals highly recommend the Summer Garden CRISPIZZA 285 php. Featuring Kale, Basil, Sauce, Zucchini, Artichoke, Garlic, Tomato, Parmesan, & Mozzarella. Sooo delicious & tasty (and healthy too!) that we had to order another serving!




My baby girl’s Bolognese Meatballs 245 php. Wiped out.



Ate’s Lughanigue Sun-dried Tomato Pasta 275 php. No sharing allowed. :P



And yuuuum! <3 What I went all the way to Karen’s Kitchen for. This beautiful plate of Bagoong Blue Pea Rice 465 php and a side order of Sauteed Shrimps 245 php. You mix it all together for a complete meal bursting with flavors. <3



With the lady of the house herself. And then there’s the bedraggled me, but I am still posting this photo because hey, I have the lovely Karen in the frame. :)



Frozen Brazo Strawberry 165 php. Loaf 640 php | 8″ Square 1,450 php. Would have loved to take home a whole box except it might melt on our way home. Boo! This is deee-lish, a must-have!



You may notice, I’m temporarily in love with anything strawberry. Must be the season of love & hearts! Strawberry Shortcake 3″ round 288 php.



My loving girls. But! “Will you still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful? Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul? I know you will, I know you will I know that you will..” #FeelingSenti #LumaLana :))  Love me still ha even when I’m old & super kulit!



Liquid Chocolate with Baked Beignets 115 ph. Beignets are the french counterpart of the spanish churros. Sooooo yum with that chocolate sauce! <3



Scone with Jam & Cream 2pcs – 115 php. 2 orders please. This takes 20 minutes to bake, so I suggest you order ahead of time.



I do love lazy days with these 2. <3



The prices are competitive, considering you don’t just pay for the food. You pay for a lot of other things too, like the ambiance, the plating, the impeccable service, Karen’s personal touch, and if you’re very very lucky, a song! ;)

For JUST the cakes, Karen has a branch in Dasma which may be closer to your home..

Karen’s Kitchen

G/F Petron Bldg, Arnaiz Avenue corner EDSA, Dasmariñas Village – South, Makati (02) 555-0555


I’m not sure if Karen supplies the cakes in the UCC coffee outlets. Coz I’m CRAZY about their cakes. CLICK HERE for a list of all the available cakes for dine in, pick up or delivery.



Gotta try: Karen’s award-winning Red Velvet Cake Loaf  720.00 | 3″ Round 234.00 | 6″ Round 720.00 | 8″ Round 960.00 | 10″ Round 1,920.00 | 12″ Round/9×13 Rectangular 2,880.00 | 14″ Round 3,840.00

Karen also has SPLENDA CAKES for diabetics like me! 3 days advance order required though. Which is why I wasn’t able to get a box or 2.. or 3! :P

Splenda Cakes

Apple Crisp – Apple Pie 9″ round 726.00 | Cheesecake Plain 8″ round 1,308.00 | Mango Shortcake Splenda Cake 8″ Round (1 layer) 1,050.00 & 8″ Round (2 layer) 2,034.00 | Tiramisu – Loaf 732.00 & 8″ Square 1,452.00 | Frozen Tiramisu Mascarpone

Do you know that Karen, who also goes to CHRIST COMMISSION FELLOWSHIP -the same church as the GOppets, and practices the same faith, is also a Blogger?! Nothing like me though, her blog is more makabuluhan. Do visit her blog at for some nourishing food for the soul. She is so much in love with God that her faith is contagious. She continues to inspire me with her accomplishments & insights. <3

I will definitely go back to try more of her dishes, and of course, the afternoon tea which I’m CERTIFIED POSITIVE my mommy would enjoy.

By the way, Karen’s Kitchen was just recently featured on Kris TV! CLICK HERE to read her blogpost on her experience with the Queen of all Media. Below are some snippets of how Kris Aquino also fell in love with Karen and her cooking!

See you guys at Karen’s Kitchen soon! <3

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